Friday, November 18, 2011


Five rounds for time:
Run 800 Meters
30 Kettlebell Swings (70#/55#)
30 Pull-ups

NOTE: Please arrive as early as possible…like 10 minutes before the hour! “Eva” is long, challenging, and there will be BOTH a 55 min. cutoff and mandatory scaling of rounds/reps depending on arrival time & athlete need.

Compare to 100514.

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  1. THIS should be our T-shirt. Ha!

    • Terri,
      I forgot to put those grips in your locker! I’m so sorry!
      I going to try today’s workout, I’ve been sick since monday…
      do you still want to try them out? I can leave them in your locker
      if you want.

      • Hey, no worries! I’ve been out with a back injury and will be out of town for the next few days. Expect to be back in the gym a week from today, if it’s open then. I’ll try them eventually …

  2. “Eva”

    39:52 (Rx)

    First time doing this one…WOW! Tough WOD!

    Thanks to christin and Preston for the push!

    • You did AWESOME!!

    • Great job, David!

  3. Alt WOD due to my on-going issues. Thanks, Street.

    4 rounds:
    400M Run
    25 Burpees
    500M Row



    Anyone doing this in Feb??

  5. Eva

    44 lb KB

    My hands are toast.

    • Way to go, TPoole! That’s strong.

  6. 3 rds RX 3921

    Last time 87 min for full 5 rds

  7. first time with eva
    5 rounds
    #35 KBS
    green and blue band

    I’ve had the flu since monday so I was just happy to finish and not cough up a lung. Thanks michael for cheering me on and not cutting off my time, it felt good to finish.

    • Very nice- impressive you did the whole 5 rounds and good time!

    • Jen you rock!

  8. Oh Eva, thank you for reminding me how fun you are. It was good to go slow with you since we haven’t met for a while, although am hoping to finish our business much faster next time we meet. 54:00 Rx, which is a good 10 extra minutes of pleasure girl.

  9. Liz & I came in for 3 rounds. That was plenty. I finished in 31:33 with 35# kb and red band (then had to add old red with it- due to calf muscle that wants to freak out when I kip for pull ups). Proud of Liz who finished in 30:03 using 20# kb and green band for pull ups.

  10. Thanks, CStreet for tailoring the WOD for my old lady hip troubles and post-bike crash rehab bod.

    5 rounds
    1000m row
    30 x 35# kb swings
    15 pull-ups /w black band
    15 push-ups (knee)

    Finished under 54:00. phew!
    I’ll CStreet and Poole next week, while they are at the beach. ROCK those CFRX bods, girls!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  11. Eva is a rough one, especially at 6pm on a friday.
    48:XX using 35 KB and purple band for the pull-ups.

  12. made up on Sunday

    mods: 44#KB, green + (small red, then blue, then purple as rounds went on)

  13. Make up day, but most were doing Eva
    55lb Kb
    70 pullups, then band assisted

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