Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rest Day

Sign up for a race (of any sort) OR make up a previous workout.

6:00 pm Skill Class–Clean & Jerk

Terri set a goal & put her functional fitness to work rocking the 1/2 marathon in Savannah last weekend...WAY TO GO T!!


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  1. Found this video regarding Gym Etiquette produced by Crossfit Oauhu and posted on Facebook by my friends at Crossfit Endurance. Pretty Funny – the GhostRider made me laugh out loud.

  2. Made up Tuesday 10:48 RX

    Good to be back:-)

  3. Made up a workout to work on some weaknesses.
    10 rounds
    10 push-ups (games std)
    20 abmat situps
    3 HSPUs (Kipping to 1 abmat 1-7, strict with red/red in 8-10

    2×800 run
    2:40, 3:08

  4. Made up Monday:

    OHS @ 87# (First 21 unbroken, 10/5 on 2nd round, 9 unbroken on last)
    20″ Box Step Ups (mental block today, couldn’t get on the box)
    Toes Toward Bar


    Running: 26:31 – Slow, slow, slow – but, I didn’t stop to walk at ANY point during the “running.” I kept it at a slow jog and kept pushing myself.

  5. Enjoyed Skill Class, practicing clean & jerk with Michael’s great instruction. Then 15 C&Js at 55#. Slowly getting back to it after recent illness.

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