Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CrossFit Total

Back Squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

Compare to 110702.

Come one, come ALL!

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  1. Great morning! I had a blast watching all the big lifts! Congrats to Kristin on her 300lb DL!!!! And you should have seen Emeka get his 208lb shoulder press!! And everyone did super! Thanks for allowing me to coach you all!!

    • Holy cow. That’s some heavy weight!

    • Great job to everyone this morning and thanks to Pat for the coaching and encouragement!

      • Pat is a fantastic coach and cheerleader ! 🙂

      • Huge Congrats to Kristin! 300 is a milestone!

      • Wow, Kristin!!!!!

      • Good work!

  2. A few weeks ago I posted an invite to a fun event happening this Saturday at Atlantic Station…a one mile bed race fundraiser for the Furniture Bank of Atlanta:

    I’m helping my sis-in-law put together teams of 5 (1 rides, 4 run/push). A great alt team WOD and for a good cause! Email me at if you’d like to join us!

  3. I’m not doing max lifts right now, so I made up Monday’s metcon instead.
    OHS, 66#
    Box Jumps, 20″
    TTB (mine were toes towards bar)

    Also want to give a big shout-out to Mike who made major progress on his deadlift today! He overcame a longstanding mental block and PR’ed on his deadlift! It was so exciting!

    • Nice job and congrats to Mike!

  4. Still having low back/sciatic nerve issues so I didn’t max anything out today. Enjoyed the 8:30 crew!
    BS (174) + SP (92) + DL (239) =505

  5. Back squat: 144#
    Press: 70# PR
    Deadlift: 215# PR (finally I have a 1 rep max-been guessing for previous workouts)

    Total: 429

    • You’ve been on fire lately, Jess! Great job today.

    • Yes!! You are looking very strong these days!!

    • Thanks! Must be from all the awesome coaching 🙂

  6. Gosh! So many strong women!!!

    I got over 400 for the first time!!

    BS 134 (I actually think I could have done more 🙂
    Press 73
    DL 195 – felt good to get a decent lift without pain in my back – yay!!

  7. Great AM crew and tons of weight – at one point I think we used every plate in the gym.

    BS – 230# PR by 5lb
    SP – 103# PR by 12lb
    DL – 284# PR by ??

    Total 617

  8. BS — 175# PR
    SP — 68#
    DL — 204# PR

    Total — 447

  9. BS # 143
    SP# 68
    DL# 204

    PR for all three

    Total: 415

  10. So proud of myself for maxing out my DL @ #200 !!!!

    BS# 103
    DL# 200!!!

    Total: 368

  11. Lots of strong people at our gym!! Sweet!

    BS: 107 (thought this was a pr, but it isn’t)
    SP: 65 pr
    DL: 173 pr (didn’t think this was a pr, but it is!)

    Total: 345

    +24 from my last total, which I did in July 2010.

  12. BS: 286
    SP: 170
    DL: 350

    Total: 806

  13. Fun 4pm crowd today!

    BS: 284# (22# PR)
    SP: 124# (14# PR)
    DL: 313# (5# PR)

    Total: 721 (51# PR over 7/2/11)

  14. BS: 262
    DL: 308 (kept it relatively light due to old injury – stopped at 300 in June)

    Total: 737

  15. BS: 198
    SP: 110
    DL: 230

    Total: 538

  16. Its Sunday and I finally got to this workout.
    BS: 240lb
    SP: 97lb (23lb under my PR – got one of my annoying crick-thingys I get from shoulder work (handstand PU & presses) at 102lb but I couldn’t count the lift b/c I did a slight dip at the start. Wouldn’t mind the crick if I’d have made the lift. errr…)
    DL: 284lb (wish I had the energy to push myself further but my energy level was low at this point. Good job, Kristin…I wanted to catch ya’!)

    Fun workout. Can’t wait to hit this one again! We need to do more workouts like this but with different exercises. Great way for everyone to record some numbers.

    • Oh…
      Total: 621

  17. Back Squat: 144#
    Shoulder Press: 63#
    Dead lift: 183#

    Total: 390

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