Tuesday, November 8, 2011

5 Rounds For Time:
10 Power Cleans (135#/95#)
10 Burpees


Use time remaining to either:
A) Learn/Practice Back Squats
B) 5 x 3 Back Squat–Use heaviest weight that allows you to complete all sets WITHOUT reducing load, rest as needed.


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  1. OK, so here’s the Savannah half marathon report:

    1. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! (Unexpected.)

    2. My time was 2:50:48, which is about 9 minutes faster than my stated goal of 3 hours but nearly 6 minutes slower than my secret goal of 2:45.

    3. At mile 10, I realized I might not make either of those goals, so I TOOK OFF. The last 3.1 miles I sprinted each 3-minute rep and fast-walked each 1-minute rep. I would love to know my time for that 5k.

    4. The first 10 miles I relied on my Team in Training experience. The last 3 miles were all CrossFit Rx training. “This is a WOD. Sprint for 3 minutes, walk for 1, sprint for 3, etc.” Zoom!

    5. When I joined CFRX 3 years ago, I could barely jog 400 meters.

    6. Despite all my complaining and carrying on at the gym, I LOVE CROSSFIT.

    7. Ha!!

    • Good job, Terri!

    • Yay Terri! That’s awesome!

    • Love it!

    • :)!

    • 🙂 🙂 nice! 🙂 🙂

    • Congrats Terri! Don’t think I could even run a 5K unless I did it interval style as you did at the end. Great job!

      • awesome Terri!

    • Way to go Terri!!

    • awesome!! inspiring!

    • Great job Terri!

  2. Great workout today.

    11:04 on the metcon @120lb.

    Back squats 5 x 3 @ 174.

    Then grabbed a bar w 225lb on it and picked up a 30-40lb back squat PR. Can’t beat that nef

  3. Great workout today.

    11:04 on the metcon @120lb.

    Back squats 5 x 3 @ 174.

    Then grabbed a bar w 225lb on it and picked up a 30-40lb back squat PR. Can’t beat that before 7 am.

  4. Wahoo Teri!

    11:02 for wod (63#).
    99 # on back squats; did one set of 3 at 109, but had to bail on #3 of the next set.

  5. So glad I felt good enough to come in this morning. Yay! So many folks at 6! Liz & new Molly & I did half-Cindy (10 min AMRAP). I got 6 rounds + 5 + 5 (pull ups w/red) which is fine considering I’m coming back from illness.

  6. 12:21 rx and 154 back squats, good to be in early today

  7. 11:29(Rx)

  8. 10:47 RX
    No back squats

    • NICE!!

  9. Metcon: 13:10 RX (yay!)

    Back squats: 121#

    Fun working with noon group today– motivated me to keep up!

    • Bad-ass.

    • You did awesome!!
      You made me try to keep up!

  10. 10:12 at 77#
    Thanks, Kelly for encouraging me NOT do this RX. I think 77 was just right for working my arm, but not over-doing it. Most of my time was spent on the burpees!

    121 for the backsquats. Declined to go any heavier due to that little burning spot in my lower left back.

  11. Metdon: 13:48 rx

    Backsquats 97 lbs
    back felt good for the first time in awhile – yay!

    • Bad-ass!

      • Thanks for helping me get through it!

    • awesome time!

  12. 11-something on the metcon with 120lb power cleans.

    196 on back squat (with weight belt)

  13. metcon:
    13:13 @ 87#

    back sqts: 121#

    • Good job!! You are getting STRONG!

  14. 8:50, 73# cleans

    Back squats: 119#

    Congrats, Terri!

    Great, full, class this AM. Loved it!

  15. Congrats Terri. Nice work.

    First day back after latest work trip.
    Metcon: 9:09 with 108# power cleans
    back squat practice at 132

  16. 22:53 RX

    Already in bed, my whole body is exhausted. But I’m proud of myself. Thanks to Michael, Trish and the whole 5 pm class for the encouragement.

  17. Fighting a cold, but took too much time off last week. 9:30 rx and did not push it on back squats

  18. 8:24RX

    Took it easy and only did 190 on deadlifts….my back is still sore from last Fridays runs, the tourney and Mondays runs….

  19. 12:12 w 110
    130 BS

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