Monday, November 7, 2011

Overhead Squats (95#/65#)
Box Jumps (24”/20”)
Toes to Bars


800 Meters 
200 Meters
600 Meters
200 Meters
400 Meters
200 Meters

(2 minute rest between runs)

Team CFRX at the Affiliate League final throw-down 🙂

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  1. Proud of you, Team!!

    • Yay team!!!!!

  2. Ran the last 45 miles of the Pinhoti-100 early Sunday morning (started just past midnight). Definitely not looking forward to running sprints today. 😦

    • Bob: I admire your strength and endurance. And I think you might be just a tad insane. 😉

      p.s. When I saw you at Kitsch’n yesterday, I can’t believe you weren’t limping. At all. Wow.

      • Well I might not have been showing it, but I was definitely FEELING it. 🙂

  3. Metcon
    9:50 rx
    My OHS are def getting better. First round did 14/7, second round 8/7 and third round unbroken.

    total time with rests was 22:31

    • I thought it was just me, but I’m still sore from Saturday as well…my whole body.

      • Oh yes, I am am still very sore too!
        But it means you are getting stronger 🙂

    • Indeed your OHS have improved greatly! I can remember when you struggled with 55#. Perserverance has paid off.

  4. So happy to be back in the gym! Great to see the 6AM crew today.

    Metcon – 10:xx Rx.

    Runs – 22:04 (I think).

  5. I liked this WOD for a couple of reasons…it showed me how much I can improve on OHS and T2B’s. My overhead squats were killing my wrists(even with wraps) and couldn’t get in the zone with toes to bar and had to do most of them without kipping. I saw a shirt at the tournament on Saturday that said, “Punish Your Weakness!”. I love it and that’s exactly what we did today. I pulled the, “I have to go to school” card for the running portion of the workout…
    21-15-9 OHS, Box Jump, Toes to Bar
    9:11 RX

  6. Great to be back at the gym after 3-4 days off. Came back to a metcon involving two of my worst movements, OHS + TTB. Ugh. But I did it!
    13:51 RX, then 18:33 on runs.

    • I’m told that my run time is probably off by a bit since I beat Harold, the sprinter, by 1 min plus. So I definitely must have screwed something up and rested for only a minute instead of two minutes on a round. I compared my times to my log when I was training for the Games with Laura in 2010:
      I have no idea if my total time is legit. Oh well. Hard to run the clock when solo! 🙂

  7. Hello all!! Just trying to nail down a date for the CFRx Holiday Party. What works best for you…Nov 26 or Dec 3?? Its going to be pretty fantastic…you won’t want to miss. Speak now!!

    • Dec 3 is better for me.

    • I know it’s going to be hard to please everyone. Travelling for Thanksgiving on the 26th and then hubby’s office’s dinner party is on the 3rd. I might be able to make it late on the 3rd.

      • dec 3 works better for me.

    • Dec. 3. Likely will be out of town Nov. 26.

      p.s. Holiday party! Yay!

    • Dec 3rd!

    • Dec 3rd is better (Out of town for Thanksgiving weekend)

  8. Good job Team CFRX!

    metcon: 12:32
    mods: toes toward bar; OHS –started off with 65# but dropped to 55# in the 15 and 9 sets, but there is definite improvement from the last time we did OHS.

    runs — 24:53

  9. Congrats Team RX!
    I probably can do either day for the holiday party.

    Currently been set back by a wicked cold (I had to stop and breathe while walking up a mild incline today).

    Hopefully I’ll be well soon and my crossfit motivation will return—maybe I’ll try to compete in one of the affliliate challenges next year to give me some good motivation!

    • Yes!!!!

  10. Feel better, Meeks! These colds going around *are* wicked. I’m still not over mine either although I was able to bike to work today. Regarding party, I might be out of town on 26th, so Dec 3 more likely for me to make.

  11. 13:55 men’s bar for OHS
    knees barely to elbow

    24:51 for running
    wanted to throw up but didn’t

  12. Metcon:
    12:13 RX
    I loved this workout. Feeling strong on the OHS.

    Liked the 200s especially the downhill part.

    Nice 5pm good!

  13. Dec. 3rd would be best for me…

    Metcon: 9:40RX… OHS felt a helluva lot better, i was able to do first 21 and last 9 unbroken. My toes to bar need some work

    19:23 on the runs

  14. Today was amazing! Specifically because last week, I was only able to make it to two Crossfit sessions. Total bummer!!

    Anyway, I thought today was a great way to jump back into Crossfit regimen. I feel that the combo of OHS, Box jumps, t2b’s, and broken up sprint variables allowed me to effectively push myself! Totally awesome 😀

  15. MetCon – 12:49. (probably slowed a bit by Pinhoti sweep)

    Run 20:24 (lost about 15 seconds on late start)

  16. MetCon: 13:00, 53# OHS, toes toward bar

    Run 24:30 with rest

  17. Made this up on Wednesday.
    13:90 on the metcon at 66#. TTowardsB

    skipped the sprints

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