Friday, November 4, 2011

2 x 800 Meters
3 x 400 Meters

Note: Rest 5 minutes between 800’s and 1 minute between 400’s

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  1. Run!! Fun!!

    Speaking of which, Ruth and I are driving to Savannah this morning for my Team in Training half marathon! The shuttle for the starting line leaves my hotel on Tybee tomorrow morning at cold dark 4:45. There are 22,000 people running this race. I will not be last. Ha! 😉

    See you next week! xoxo

    • Enjoy and congratulations on getting here! I can’t wait to hear all about it!!

    • I’ll be rooting for you, Terri! Have a great run!

    • Good Luck. The most important thing to remember is to have fun.

    • Good LUCK!! You won’t need it though, you will do AWESOME!

    • You’re going to do great! Looking forward to hearing about it!
      YOU’RE AWESOME!!!!!!!

    • Good luck! You rock!!!

      • Thanks everybody!!! The support of our CrossFit Rx community is just so great. I love you!

        I’m up and about ready to choke down some breakfast. Then it’s off to the races! Race. With about 22,000 other people. Yay!!!

  2. You are going to do us proud!! Enjoy every minute

  3. Go, Terri, go!

    I can’t wait til I’m able to get back in the gym. I was sidelined with the kidney stone for days and now I’m slammed with a bad cold. Also have a very strained calf muscle or I might have tried jogging today. When I’m well enough I’ll come in and gently get started up again. The good thing to come out of all this is that I’m not eating bad stuff and not drinking at all so it should help with my weight loss goals. Miss you all. xoxoxo

    • Hope you are all better soon.

  4. Below is a link to an interesting NY Times article on pose running – a technique closely associated with Crossfit and taught by some Crossfit coaches. Those of you that wear the minamalist shoes (e.g. Vibram 5-fingers, Inov8) should read.

  5. Very slow today, but I did it.

    800M x 2
    4:46, 4:42

    400M x 3
    2:07, 2:22, 2:29

  6. 800M: 2:52 // 3:01
    400M: 1:22 // 1:25 // 1:44

    I had to take it easy as my back started getting tight…and I didn’t want to be screwed up tomorrow at the tourney

    Sidenote: PR (After the WOD I handstand walked from the windowwwwww to the walllll)… i think thats how the song goes ***shrug***

  7. Wasn’t good at math in high school and college and i still suck at it….lets just say i enjoyed this workout today and did the best i could!!!! Happy with my time 🙂

  8. Since I couldn’t make it into the gym today, I did the workout at the Emory gym (rowing instead of running – right calf has been bothering me).

    800: 2:48.1; 2:48.7
    400: 1:22.4; 1:23.5; 1:22.1

  9. So I’m with Jessie on the math thing. I forgot to log my times. Either way I plugged my iPod in and had fun running with my brother! My daughter even ran a couple of 400m with me! Good workout.

  10. 800-4:56
    400- 2:16
    400- 2:18
    400- 2:20

    running is starting to get easier — yay!

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