Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bench Press, 4 x 4, @ 65%,  rest  60 sec.


3 Rounds For Time:
10 Deadlifts (275#/185#)
50 Double Unders

Nice hat!

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  1. 43# bench press (one set at 53#)
    99# for the deadlifts and 100 of the 150 double unders were without a hop in the middle!
    11:18 total time

  2. Bench @ 125#
    First time doing dead lifts in quite awhile. Used #130. Back felt good, which was the goal.
    Time: 5:22

    Kelly or Michael – I think I left my green water bottle at the gym (probably in the middle of the floor somewhere). Can you put it in my locker? Thanks.

  3. Aaron…yes 🙂 and nice work today
    Yesterday i Did some crazy workout with a suspension rig, pulleys, a landmine and Romanian deadlifts…so needless to say… my butt and hammies were pretty sore 🙂 deadlifts suffered.
    RX 5:07

  4. 79# BP, 8:42 RX. 1st rd with UB DLs and DU PR of 38…last round fell apart with single DUs and over 3 min on 50 DUs. Woof.

    • NICE!!

  5. What a fun workout! Fun fun fun!

    53# BP

    99# DL and double unders, which were very trippy. 8:58 (I think.)

    Welcome to all the new people!

  6. 85lb BP
    5.41 Rx – rounds 1&2 unbroken deadlifts, must have found my happy spot cause my DUs weren’t too bad 😉

    • Ps. who is the cutie with the ball on his head?

  7. 119# Bench Press


    220# DL
    Singles x3

  8. 60# bench press

    Went light on DL (134#) because I am worried about throwing out my back.


    First set of DU were unbroken, second set only broke twice, third set, totally fell apart – UGH!

    Welcome all new folks! Hope to see you soon!

  9. 53# bench press

    117# DL
    DUs were just a real bad mess today-guess it was just an off day.


  10. 63# bench press

    metcon: 10:13
    mods — 141# DL & lateral jumps

  11. #48 bench press

    lateral jumps

    1 soccer game

  12. Made this up on rest day
    77# for BP (unsure of my 1 rep max but 5 rep max is 92)

    7:45 for WOD
    176# DL + DU

    need to work on stringing the DUs together once breathing hard

  13. Bench press: 53#

    MetCon: 6:44, 119# DL

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