Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

To get RX today, you must be wearing a costume before, during, and after your WOD. And candy is “officially” paleo today(today only) 😉

3 x 3 Hang Squat Clean @ 75%, rest 90 sec.



 150 Wall Balls (20#/ 14#)


15 minutes Muscle-Up Practice


10 x 3 Muscle-Ups, for fun not time.

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  1. This is awesome!

  2. 63# for hang squat cleans
    Karen – 12:07 with 10# ball

  3. Does my new bitching mustache count?

    • or should I say “moustache” with more of an accent?

    • I think that counts.

  4. 99# HSC
    8:15 Karen RX
    First time throwing the ball to 10′ target on Karen. Four previous Karen times were around 7 min but at 9′. Big difference. One of my fav WODs. Thanks to Kelly for the push!
    Apologies to the 8:30am, as we didn’t do the MU practice.
    Happy Halloween!

    • Go Christin!!!

  5. 98# HSC
    13:30 Karen Rx. Lot of pain, but third Rx workout.

  6. Subbed back squats 3×3 for HSC. 132# (54%) Kept these light due to some returning pain in left lower back/hip.

    Subbed 150 Squat Jumps for Karen. 6:10

    I did the slightest bit of pullup practice. Very limited due to ongoing arm injury.

  7. 110 – HSC;

    8:01 Karen RX. Gets me on the board for the moment but seems pretty precarious…could easily get knocked back off before the day is over.

  8. I think many of you already know I’m out due to a kidney stone. I miss the gym and hope to get over this and back in soon! Happy Halloween.

    • Hope you feel better Joy!

      • Thanks! But I would like to know what costumes you RX people are wearing today! 🙂

        • haha, I was one of the officers from startrek

          • Alright, Lindel! Legit RX!

            • feel better, Joy! I was a med student today!

  9. 8.23 Rx (a tad less than 4 min off my last attempt)

    • Just 4 minutes. No big deal. 😉

    • Nice, Erin! And what was your costume?

  10. Hey Michael and Kelly,
    Any chance you found my gymnastic grips there last week? I think I left them on the floor somewhere. They are just like the ones you had in the drawer that went missing… I just bought them not too long ago and have only wore them a few times and I can’t find them anywhere!!!!

    • I think they are on the shelf behind the desk. I believe they have been there for the last couple workouts.

  11. 97# for Hang Squat Cleans

    11:45 for Karen @ 14#

  12. HSC: 82#

    Karen: 15:58 RX

    practiced pull-ups instead of muscle ups. Good news! — down to just the green band vs. starting off with the big tan in June.

  13. I’m having major motivational issues. 😦

  14. Felt good to be back home:

    HSC: 155#
    Karen: 8:24 RX….

  15. Hang squat clean: 87#

    17:04 @ 10#

    Another thing I should add to the goal board-working on wall balls. I’m so bad at them.

    Michael- I’m out of town this weekend. I’ll be around next weekend though if anyone wants to climb.

  16. HSC Practice 154#
    “Karen” 9:38 RX Did first 50 unbroken which I think was a mistake because I was almost at fail and needed more rest than I wanted to take. So many ways to break up the 150!
    30 Muscle Ups 10:40ish

    • I think they are on the shelf behind the desk. I believe they have been there for the last couple workouts.

      • Okay that comment was for Jenn! Damn iphone.

  17. Hang squat clean: 73#

    Karen: 11:26, 10# ball

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