Friday, October 28, 2011


5 Rounds For Time:
20 Pull Ups
30 Push Ups
40 Sit Ups
50 Squats

Rest exactly 3 minutes between rounds.

Compare to 101102.


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  1. Did this a day early…


    17:28 (Rx)

  2. did “Barbara” Thursday since I’m going to Jacksonville for the weekend.

    mods: med green/small red band for pullups

  3. Let’s do it! Also note that some of the newer people will be doing mini-Barbara. I’m looking for “pretty reps.”

  4. Way to go 6am crew!! It was great to watch you all claw your way through this beast of a workout!

  5. Seriouwot tough! I am having a hard time holding on to anything now.
    35:27 total work time. Purple band on the pullups and my pushups could be better.

    Way to go 6am!!

  6. “Barbara” made me throw up yesterday…alot!! 25:00ish (including toilet hugging time during round 5 sit-ups). Lesson learned: eat a proper breakfast!
    Good luck to everyone today…

  7. Seeing that I was never an athlete and never much into exercise, I never understood how/why people vomiting after working out… until today!!

    Sadly, today was my last workout at crossfit rx for a while … i really enjoyed this past month with you guys, but I have to move apartments and get my life in order. Hoping to be able to re-join in the near future! Thanks to all the coaches and other members I met!! I hope to see you soon!

  8. Barbara
    21:08 rx

    Thanks to the 8:30 crew for cheering me through the last round! It really helped!! Thanks to Christin for keeping me honest on my form:-)

    • Congrats, Poole.

    • I totally enjoyed watching you tear this up! Awesome achievement!!

    • BOOM!

    • awesome!! congrats!

  9. I’m totally resting my arm, so I modified the workout as follows:

    5 rounds
    20 Back Extension
    30 Walking Lunges
    40 Situps
    50 Squats


  10. 35:52
    I wasn’t even going to shake hands with Barbara, then thought about trying half reps but in the end, said WTH and used bands and did knee push-ups for the entirety. Four hours later, I am already feeling it.

    Excited, too, to watch TPoole’s record-making success. Fab!

    • Great work today. Very proud of your decision to do it all!

  11. Huge props to TPoole, Kelly and David C!
    Sadly, I had to do this solo after coaching the 8:30am. Not an all out effort but I still shaved off 5:34 from my 2009 (and only) Barb time.
    Today was 26:42 RX. I got 10 pullups in a row on rd 2 which is a big deal for me. 🙂

    • Awesome 10 pullups!

  12. 26.22 Rx
    Wanted to make sure I kept nice, plank form on all my pushups. All that snaking I’ve done in the past has made me a weak pusher-upper.
    Needless to say, they were very slow. Pull-ups fine, first two sets unbroken. Sit-ups slow but steady.

  13. 40:26 total work time

    Black/Tan band on pull ups
    Red band on rack for push ups

  14. First 3 rounds Rx pullups, then added small red band. Pushup form was weak. Time: 34:19. Think that’s slow? It’s better than my last “Barbara” by 4 minutes. 🙂

    Great 6 am group!

  15. 37:10 RX

    round times:

    Felt like i was going to throw up in round 3 for a minute.

    And for the first time I got 10 pullups in a row on round 1. 🙂

    Did this workout May 4, 2010 as my first RX workout. I did it in 46:16 so a PR of 9:06. My old round times were: 8:24-9:04-9:30-9:43-9:35

    Thanks for the coaching Michael!

    • Great work, Jessica! 10 in a row is a big deal!

  16. 28:34 RX – five minute PR from a year ago. As always, great to work out with Reggie

  17. 32:25
    Exact same time as last time I did this in Jan 2010.
    Breakdown: 4:45 – 6:07 – 7:06 – 6:57 – 7:30
    2:24 slower than my PR back in May 2009 (although looking back I saw that I did ring pull-ups as there were no functional pull-up bars at the time and anchored situps)

    Definitely some room for improvement as I was slowed by a rip on my hand from yesterday’s toes to bar extravaganza and took the squats slowly as part of my ongoing efforts to remain healthy and not re-injure my back.

  18. […] Compare to 111028. […]

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