Wednesday, October 26, 2011

5 x 3 Deadlifts @ 75%, rest 90 sec.


7 Rounds of:

Every 3 minutes complete:
400 Meter Run
12 Toes to Bar

Post total time of all rounds (minus rest intervals)

CFRX...same bat time, same bat channel 🙂

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  1. That’s hot… 🙂

  2. Ok, I owe an apology to the 6am group this morning. Now that I’ve coached the workout and done it myself at 7am, I’ve figured out the intent of the workout and how it should be scored. Listen up:

    The GOAL is to complete the prescribed work for each round in 3 minutes or less. The INTENT of the workout is to SPRINT each round. If you are able to complete the work, your score for that round is your time (for ex: 2:45). If you cannot complete the work within 3 minutes, your score for that round is the number of TTB you completed. So for someone like me who cannot complete the work in 3 minutes, my score might look like this: 6, 5, 4, 3, 3, 3, 2 (number of TTB each round). Note that if you can’t complete the work in under 3 minutes, there is no rest.

    Again, I apologize that I wasn’t clear on this at 6am. Rather than lengthening the interval, I should have just told you to record the number of TTB. Seems like you were all dying anyway, so I guess there was no harm done. 🙂

    • No prob at all. It was still a grueling workout! Thanks for the great coaching!

  3. My back is bothering me after yesterday’s heavy back squats so I went light on the deadlifts. I used 154 (54%) and only did 3 sets of 3. My back was bothered even at this weight so I just cut it short.

    For the metcon, I did only 5 rounds with a 4 minute interval. Yeah, I hadn’t figured out yet that it would be better to keep the 3 minute interval even if I couldn’t complete all the work. So my workout was completely different from what was intended. But that’s ok; I’m feeling really tired today and almost took an unplanned rest day. I’m wiped out from the last 3 days of workouts. This is my 4th day since I also worked out on Sunday. My time for each round was:
    3:35, 3:34, 3:40, 3:50

    • 3:35, 3:34, 3:40, 3:35, 3:50

      • Go get some rest!!!!

  4. Deadlift: started at 143# but dropped to 121# cause my form was bad

    Metcon: 47 TTB

  5. Subbed wendler deads- 257# x 6 on the last set


    total time:15:27 (Rx)

    • Excellent!

  6. Deadlift: 119#

    Squeezed in a total of 36 TTB after the 400 m runs.

    Ladies – An enthusiastic few have voiced interest in the weekend in the GA mountains. Let me know, for sure, that you are IN. Poss Dec 9-11
    eat, drink, run, hot tub, be merry. Will be cheap and fun. Come!!!

  7. DL – 252lbs – probably only 65% but I had good speed

    Metcon – 64 T2B
    Almost completed 3 rounds and then dropped to 7 or 8 for last 4 rounds. Danny and David pushed me on the runs which helped.

  8. DL — 121#

    Metcon –19:15
    mods —
    row instead of run (b/c of stress fracture in right foot)
    toes toward bar (not quite there yet)

  9. Deadlift at 272. Always cautious on DL because of old injury.

    400m and 12 toes-to-bar in 17:32 elapsed time.

    Slow on the TTB but did unbroken until last two sets. Slowest round (last)was 2:45; quickest (first) was 2:21.

  10. DL – 170lbs. Form felt better

    Metcon – 70 TTB. Thx to Radha for motivation.

  11. That’s about all I can say for myself today. Felt tired and performed badly. Oh! Except my first 400m was 2:09, which is fast for me. So yay for that!

    The rest of the workout was an embarrassing mess. Skipped one of the 400s. Got a teeny number of toes to rings — which Kelly let me do because my range of motion is so much better than on the bar — and a tiny number of toes toward rings.

    Ruth’s corgi Voodoo barked through the whole thing. Kelly was very sweet to her, and to me, because he is a giant sweetie.

    Enjoyed hanging out with Radha, William, and Chuck. Welcome to CFRX, Chuck!

    • Must we publicly bad mouth Voodoo? We ARE working on the barking issue….:-/

  12. 97# deadlift.

    75 percent is 120#, but my back is still weird.

  13. This workout kicked my butt!!!
    My Deadlift was 120
    I sucked it up with the metcon
    I basically ran the whole time. As soon as I got back to the gym I had to turn around and keep running;( I squeezed in 29 toes to bar somewhere. Now I know what I need to be working on!!! Watching David and Poole rock out was awesome though!

  14. Joined the 6PM crew today – fun to work out in daylight!

    114 for DL.
    62 Toes towards bar (although they are getting better). Consistent runs, though, right under2 minutes. I struggle with the TTB.

    And in other news, I got my first set of double-unders WITHOUT a hop in the middle. Wahoo!

  15. I was driving down Dekalb Avenue tonight, and saw the 6pm class sprinting down to the 400! I felt your pain!!!!

  16. Made up a day late.
    1) 1:48
    2) 2:04
    3) 2:20
    4) 2:35
    5) 2:49
    6) 2:58
    7) 10 TTB

    Total 82 TTB. Frustratingly close to finishing the last two in round 7

  17. Not an easy workout. Shocked I got the first 4 rounds Rx…after that, it was all downhill. Oh well, its done now.
    Total TTB 70

    • correction: 77ttb

  18. 264 dead lift. 56 TTB. Attempted 400lb dead lift.

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