Monday, October 24, 2011

Clean and Jerk (any style)
In 10 min. work up to a heavy single.


Unbroken Clean and Jerks

Rest as needed between sets. Post weight and time to comments.

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  1. Sorry I missed cheering on the team this weekend. Go team, go! Liz, Ruth & I biked about 25 miles on Saturday. You should all try that beautiful Arabia Mountain trail sometime for a bike ride or a run:

    This morning, cleaned 82# but only got to 76# with the jerk. For the wod, used 54# and got all rounds unbroken.

  2. CJ 119# (PR by 10#)
    Used 77# for WOD RX

    • way to go Meeks!

    • Congrats, Meeks!

    • Hell yeah, Meeks! So proud!

  3. Cleaned 73#, still practicing that move (thanks, coach Street, for the great tips)
    WOD 63# unbroken.

  4. Inspired by Meeks who hit a 10# PR, I got 117# C&J (no split). Got greedy and tried 120# but failed the jerk. Still a C&J PR! Then 81# on metcon RX.

    • Nice work!!!

  5. CJ: 88#

    WOD: 73# RX

    • Nice, Jessica! Is that a PR?

      • Thanks, Joy! I think this is the second time I hit 88. Ran out of time before I could try higher. Maybe next time. Great job to you and Liz this AM!

  6. Mixed feelings today. C&J warmed up real well. Got 223lbs a PR of 13 lbs. 2 lbs from being on the board. First time, my limiting factor was the Clean.

    Met con used 130lbs which was the right weight. Just did not follow instructions and dropped the bar several times on 15 and 12 rounds.


    • Congrats on the PR, Bryan!

      • Thanks C. You too.

    • Congrats!!! Those are some impressive numbers!

  7. CJ practice 68#.
    wod 63# – I completed all reps, but they were not unbroken. Unbroken through 9(15); 8(12); and 6(9).

  8. Worked up to 132 on the C&J. Stopped there due to pain in my arm. That’s 8#’s under my PR.

    87# for the workout, RX.

    • Oh, forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS to Christin, Meeks, and Bryan on their PR’s!

      • I did not realize you were that close to your PR. For all your recovery time, that is awesome.

      • Thanks, Pat. Great to see you back on a heavy bar. 🙂

  9. 119lb C&J warmup- just wasn’t in the right move to challenge my PR 143lb
    WOD 87lb Rx
    Enjoyed focusing on one lift for an entire workout. Great work everyone!!

    • Nice work today! Your C&J PR is 137 from Sept 14 which is super strong.

      • And I was just mentally congratulating myself the other day for remembering my numbers…doh!

  10. I’m in Miami this week for work…. And there’s a crossfit gym attached to the hotel! Crossfit Vida… I don’t usually wear a shirt when I work out but I’m gonna wear my RX shirt today!!

    • 5 rounds for time: 6 power cleans 185#, 12 Toes to Bar, and 10 DUs (adding 10 each round) 17:05RX

      Power cleans were heavy But I didn’t have to squats to catch them

  11. I just want to say, I am super proud of myself today! I maxed out with the clean jerks at 83lbs. 🙂

    Still working on the technique but I feel really good about where I am!!!

    Thanks everyone for being awesome, I love Crossfit ❤

    • You should be proud! You did great, ESPECIALLY for someone just starting their 4th week of CrossFit. And no worries about technique on the clean and jerk. You’ll be working on it until the end of time – like the rest of us! 🙂

  12. I got to 101 # on the clean and jerk.
    I think my PR is 102 -boo!

    Used 71 in the metcon…unbroken.

  13. C&J – 146# (7# PR on the Clean, HUGE PR on the C&J)

    MetCon: 99# Rx

    • Definitely back in the action!

  14. 198 1 rep max. 60% (118) RX 15-12-9. Felt good on technique.

  15. WOW. Congrats everyone on their PRs!

    Warmed up to 104# (my 1RM)
    WOD — 82# — really got into the movement nicely in the round of 9

  16. Worked out today for the first time in a week today and NOW I FEEL SO GREAT!!

    CrossFit cures absolutely everything.

    Made up the 800m run with wall ball and box jumps thingy because my back is jacked from sleeping so much lately.

  17. 102 # power clean PR!!! So happy about this
    used 82 for the WOD but just did cleans.

    • Dang! That’s fantastic, Sarah! Big congrats.

  18. 186# for clean and jerk. Cleaned 196 but failed on jerk. I think it was within my ability but failed to drive enough with legs.

    Used 132 for 21-15-9 buy was unable to go unbroken.

  19. C&J: 83#
    Used 63# for WOD, got 15 unbroken, set of 12 was 6-6, then 9 unbroken.

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