Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rest Day

Sign up for a 5k/10k run or other race to be held in the near future, post Race & date to Comments OR make up a previous WOD.

6:00 pm Skill Class: Handstand Pushups, Kipping Stuff, and Jumping Mo’ Stuff

Pat using her fitness "out of the box" on Jekyll Island...Awesome as RX'd!

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  1. I’ll be making up Monday’s at 6am

  2. Pat you look so pretty!! email me I have something for you. A treatment for u. Perfect for your hair:)

  3. Thinking about doing this when it comes to Atlanta in March.

    • I want to do it too. But I’m scared the zombies will get me.

    • My partner and I are planning on doing that run!

  4. I’m signed up for the Run Like Hell 5K at Oakland cemetery this weekend.

  5. My quads and pecks are still sore from Cindy!!!

  6. Beautiful picture of the one and only Pat C. Miss you but it looks like you’re having a blast!
    I am sore in places where I didn’t know I had muscles. Cindy always wrecks me.

  7. Pat! What a great picture!! πŸ˜€

    I did a Tabata WOD courtesy of Coach Kelly:
    Front Squats 55#
    Body Weight Lunges
    Followed by 10 100m Sprints EMOM

    Not sure if my legs are still connected to my body?!?! πŸ˜›

  8. car problems yesterday and today, i really hope it gets fixed in time for me to get in there!

    Pat this is a great photo!

    playing 2 soccer games after cindy was a bad idea! I can barely walk!

  9. Thought I’d share this with everyone if you haven’t seen it yet:

    Nice picture Pat!!!

    • Jennifer Pharr was the guest speaker at the Sweetwater 50K (the one were I broke my ankle)…I got a signed copy of her book! It was a pretty fascinating story…as a result of that first hike, she now makes her living by hiking and writing about the experience; cool way to do what you love.

    • Great story!

  10. Signed up for the Pine Mountain 40 mile. Another Race in our own backyard…and this one starts at 0700 instead of 0500…that makes all the difference!

  11. Made up yesterday – 17:42 RX

    Kelly and Erin – Count me in for Saturday!

  12. Hey, Pat! Looks so lovely there. I’m sorry I sweated all over your wallball today– made up yesterday.
    The cemetery race is a great one but we’re signed up for biking at Saturday’s Pride Ride- doing the 40 mile option (hopefully!).

  13. Nice picture Pat!

    Made up “Cindy” — 13rds + 5 + 10 (med grn/small red bands & pike pushups)

    Skills class —
    1 ring row jumping MU, then single unders until next minute. Minute 2, two ring row jumping MU etc…got through minute 9.

  14. signing me and my kiddo up for the zombie race in march. yup, crossfit of the living dead…awesomeness! πŸ™‚

  15. Looking for a 5k? Come run with me at my son’s school’s fund raiser Sat Nov 5, 8:30am in Virginia Highland

    I did skills class with Michael and really appreciated the excellent instruction on pulling, pushing and such. I can’t believe I can still to a headstand and handstand, though handstand push-ups are a dream…I mean a GOAL.

  16. Made up last Fridays workout

    25 deadlifts (225 lbs)
    50 pullups
    25 deadlifts


    I think I wouldve been faster but this was post-cindy and she was still riding my back.

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