Wednesday, October 19, 2011

800 Meter Run with Medball (20#/14#)
100 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
800 Meter Run with Medball (20#/14#)

For Time.

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    Running with a medball? Really? UGH 🙂

    • DANG!!!! 😀 (picture of Harold!)
      dang 😦 (100 box jumps)

  2. Harold is FIERCE!

    Hilarious kipping spoof posted on FB by Drywall:

    • Great image! Looks like a painting of an action hero!
      Kipping spoof almost made coffee shoot through my nose.
      I need a workout partner today so if anyone can do this with me after I coach the 8:30 let me know. I have no desire to run down Dekalb with a med ball…alone. People would honk.

    • Thanks for the hysterical laugh, T. Plus I learned something new. Hadn’t heard of Krav Maga before. I hope to make up today’s workout tomorrow afternoon.

    • I can’t even figure out the pull-up kip!

  3. First workout after the run on Sunday! Legs can still run, but that 14# ball sure made things awkward.

    16:57 RX(!)

    • RX!! Yay!!!! 😀

  4. Metcon:
    15:32 (Rx)

    Should’ve waited around to hit this with Cstreet so I would have had someone to chase…good work christin!

    • 25 UB box hops on a 24″ after running an 800 ain’t too shabby!

  5. Legs sore from yesterday…but it was my arms that were fatiguing carrying the med ball…med ball carries are not easy for people with short arms – lol!

    16:46 rx

  6. Be sure to “LIKE” the CrossFit RX Facebook page if you haven’t already. I noticed some new pics are starting to go up. Here’s the link to the page:!/pages/Crossfit-RX/215101021856275

  7. 20:18 RX

    Fun watching Erin, Therese, and Christin after the 8:30 class.

    • You’ve gotten faster on box hops. Good job today!

  8. Big props to the 8:30 class for showing up despite the foul weather. And thanks TPoole and Erin for doing this with me. Loved that Sue, Jessica H and Jessica K stayed to watch.
    15:13 RX Finally beat David C at something. 🙂

    • Great chasing you! You did AWESOME!!

      • So did YOU! Thanks.

  9. Hey CrossFit friends, Some of the ladies have expressed interest in getting their hair colored and cut. This Sunday around 1, I want to invite you to my house to get the services you need. Bring your kids, snacks (maybe some wine) and we’ll make an afternoon of it! Just send me an email of what you want to have done. Thanks and see you soon! Em

    • You did a great job with the highlights on my hair a few weeks ago! I hope to be able to get away Sunday to make this,

      • Thanks girlie. I hope you can stop by. I know for sure Poole and Jesse are coming to get some color. Also, Pat if you are out there I have a treatment that would be good for you. We talked about it before. Way to go today running with your med ball in the rain down Dekalb. You’re a rock star and I am lazy today:)

        • I forgot to say awesome pic Harold. U look awesome. I already forgot your tattoo name. help??

  10. Of course my first workout after the grueling race would include running….with the equivalent of a big round baby in your arms, of course!

    • 16:46 RX

  11. Nice pic Harold!

    22:06? Rx

  12. Had fun with this one. 15:59 RX

  13. Made up On Thursday – 17:42 RX

    Box jumps really slowed me down, but Reggie pushed me.

  14. Yay for being able to RX something- it’s been a while. I may have done too many box hops but I swear I didn’t do too few. 22:14 RX — Did I already say RX? 🙂

    Liz did the 20″ box hops – proud of her – and ran with an 8# ball. 22:36

  15. 19:13 RX.

  16. Made this up on 10/24 with a 12# ball and a 15″ box. 23:30

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