Monday, October 17, 2011

 Hang Squat Clean
10 min. Practice OR 5 x 2 Reps @ 65%, rest 30 sec
Shoulder Press
4 x 4 Reps @ 60%, rest 30 sec
AMRAP 5 minutes:
21 Double Unders (sub is 12” lateral jumps)
7 Ring Dips


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  1. Watched Walking Dead tonight and they had a commercial for this 5k (with zombies) – I think I am going to try it,

    • This looks SO FREAKIN’ COOL!!!!

  2. Good morning!! It’s my three-year CFRX anniversary today! See you @ 6 for some work.

    p.s. Here I am on my very first day, when CFRX rented space at Wall Crawler:

    • You look a lot more fit now!

      • Yeah, you look much more athletic now. But we are worried about you because you are talking to yourself on the blog…

        • Very funny, Ruthie.


    • Very very cool, Terri. Congrats!

    • Congrats, Terri!

    • Yup, you look great now!

      P.S. you two crack me up!!!

      • Thanks everybody!! And thanks to our fabulous coaches for the fun workout that did not make me want to cry. And thanks to my sweetheart Ruth for the great locker balloon! And thanks to the academy, and all of my fans, and bacon. xoxo!

        HSC = 53#
        SP = 42#
        Metcon = 4 rounds + 7 DUs with the red band

        Great group tonight!

  3. Congrats to our stellar, winning team!! Happy CrossFit anniversary, athletic Terri!

    HSC at 53#
    SP at 44#

    Amrap: 3 rds plus 3 jumps
    Switched to parallette jumps in 1st rnd; red band for dips

  4. So how was the North Face Run?!! I want to hear feedback!

  5. HSC practice 5×5 @ 65
    SP 4×4 @ 75

    Amrap: 4 rounds + 21/5 (rx)

  6. HSC practice 5×2–>108
    Shoulder Press 4×4–>132

    Amrap: 5rounds+21/2…not rx b/c my ring dips sucked! I found a new weakness today…
    PR 381# deadlift today-previous was 275! Thanks Coach Kelly!

    • Congrats on the PR bro!

  7. Hang sq clean: 132#

    AMRAP: 8rds 21/3

  8. Three day rest was too much for me. Youd think I’d have lots of energy but it’s the opposite.
    HSC@ 97#
    Press @ 77#
    4 rds 21/3 with smallest band.
    Must get a ring dip soon.

  9. HSC 77#
    Pressed 53# for two then down to 48# for last two.

    6 rounds: lateral jumps and ring dips with purple band.

    Enjoyed hand stands, hope to learn to walk on hands by spring break.

  10. Nice little workout today.
    99lb HSC
    87lb Press
    6 rounds even

  11. 77 lb HSC
    48 lb press (prob should have gone a little heavier but wanted to do them fast)

    4 rounds + 21 DU + 4 Ring dips rx

    Dips were all singles in the last two rounds…but the rest between is getting less – YAY!

  12. 77# HSC
    53# shoulder press

    4 rounds + 21
    mods: jumps and green band

  13. 130# hsc
    88# press
    7 rnds + 20 double unders Rx

  14. 108# HSC
    98# SP

    45# push press for DU
    Black and blue bands
    3 rds 1

  15. Congrats Terri! Fun working out with ya today:)
    HSC 73
    SP 63
    5 rounds almost 6 short one ring dip:(
    used red band and jumped over wall ball:)

  16. HSC: 73#
    SP: 48#

    Metcon: 3rds 21 5
    tiny blue band for dips

  17. HSC: 134#
    SP: 134#

    Metcon: 5rd 21 DUs RX

    This was actually my first time doing ring dips in a workout…. Grrrrr… I don’t like them

  18. Hang squat clean: 63#

    Shoulder press: 53#

    Metcon: 4 rds + 21+ 3, baby blue band for ring dips

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