Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rest Day

Practice your Clean & Jerk with objects found outside of the gym: post object, approx. weight, and reps to Comments OR make up a previous WOD

Note: No skill class tonight due to staffing shortfall…skill classes will resume normal Tu-Th 6:00 pm schedule next week.

...can't get these at LA Fitness

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  1. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  2. There are many ways to avoid hand tears which are terribly uncool. From how you grip the bar during a WOD to how you take care of your hands in between WODs. I would love to do a short talk on hand care sometime soon.

    • I would love to hear that. I am so bad about taking care of my hands. They don’t rip much anymore, but I’d like to say they never rip!

    • Please do!!!

  3. Made up the 10 sprints today in the alley.

  4. Had a date with Grace today. Finished her off in 3:06. Felt slow, so I know I can go sub 3:00. Big Thanks to Coach Pat willing me through this.

    • You were great! Thanks for letting me count for you and yell at you!! 😀

    • WOW! Congrats! I wish we’d done this together. Although you’d have been finished way before me. I did it for the first time RX in 5:47 (same as my Fran PR time).

    • dude! 🙂

  5. I made up yesterday’s lifts.

    Front Squat 3×5
    150×5 (83% of 1RM).
    I did 160×3. I probably could have gotten 2 more on this lift, but it felt awful heavy and my form was falling apart. So I stopped there.

    Bench Press 3×5
    110×5 (88% of 1RM)

    I didn’t do the double-unders or alternate jumping. My heel prefers a bike ride later today.

  6. It am at a genetics conference in Montreal. My boss’s boss’s boss mentioned yesterday that he’d be around today if I wanted a running buddy. I said sure, with every intention of avoiding him for the rest of the confernce because I have been told he is a “machine” and I couldn’t imagine what we would talk about. But then I thought this could really give me an opportunity to connect with an otherwise hard-to-reach man (and one who has significant control over my career right now). We went out and ran 6 miles in 50 minutes. It felt great and I really held my own. I have been very disheartened lately because I have lost so much of my strength and endurance in crossfit, so it felt great to have improved significantly on my running and earned a few points with the guy in charge too!

    • Nice! That is fast fast fast. And brave of you. And smart.

    • *LIKE* !

  7. Just got back from Buffalo…visited crossfit Buffalo did 250m row + 10 push press @60# amrap in 10min…got 4 rounds plus 107m. and guess what? We joke about rhabdo…and I actually have a mild case…my doc just called and asked me to head over to the ER stat! I couldn’t lift my arms to use the phone yesterday…but I’m feeling much better!


    • Whoa! Hang in there Jas! As someone who has had a full-blown case of rhabdo myself, it is Nothing to kid about…my doc still is amazed I didn’t go into renal failure (tells me so every check-up)…so do whatever they tell you and hydrate like crazy! sending you positive vibes as RX’d! 😉

  8. Came in today to work on C&J and PR’ed on my 1RM @ 201#… It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. The faster I was able to get under the bar the easier it was.

  9. Made up Wednesday’s workout with Ruth. Lots of good work going on tonight!

  10. Made up Wednesday:

    154# FS
    130#x4 BP
    900 Singles

    Did some spotting, finished in about 31:30.

    This was fun today.

  11. Wednesday make-up:

    184# FS
    174# BP
    900 singles with many, many stops (not the best jump roper)

    Woke up this AM with a sore butt and sore calves = good workout.

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