Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Front Squat 3 x 5, Heaviest possible for each set, rest 60 seconds


Bench Press 3 x 5, Heaviest possible for each set, rest 60 seconds


Accumulate 300 Double-Unders or 900 Single-Unders in the time before, during, and/or after lifting.

 Note: There is a 40 minutes time limit.

Atlanta Affiliate League Comp & CF "No Excuses"...Awesomeness!!

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  1. Yay! Bench press… noooo! 300 DU’s

  2. Kept things kinda light today…shoulder tweeked(2wks) & still very tight from Monday night game.
    FS 143#
    BP 99#
    Nice, old-school gym workout.

  3. Post-sprinting hamstring pain has flared up again.
    FS 125 (80% 1rm)
    BP 103 (85% 1rm)–no spotter so I didn’t go too heavy

  4. FS 97#
    BP 73#
    900 SUs
    I wish I remembered what I used to bench press back in high school during swim team weight work….but that was a hundred years ago.

    • Ha! Wait so that means you’re 118 yrs old? Who knew? 🙂

  5. Did DUs in sets of 135/105/60. Had a run of 50 in the second set and got the last 60 in two sets.

    Front Squats – Still my least favorite squat beside thruster. 198 – which I am sure is a PR

    Bench Press – previous 3RM was 198, my new 5RM is 204. Woohoo!

  6. FS: 152 lbs
    BP: 167 lbs

  7. Did a 3-mile interval run with my friend Min this evening — starting and ending at the gym. Everybody looked strong!

  8. Thank you for this traditional style workout. Although I love crossfit R, I have been missing the gym and this was a great way to rekindle…lol.

    300 DUs
    FS: 196#
    BP: 245#

    SN: If any of you all are experiencing tight hammies from the sprints yesterday, please do some leg stretching on your own time. It’s tough to sprint in cooler weather, especially if you aren’t used to it. In addition, stretching after your workouts is essential to proper muscle recovery anyhow. Just a word of advice from a former sprinter…

    Good Work 6pm! Ok bye.

  9. should have consulted my records
    76 fs
    52 bench press

    combination of du’s and singles

  10. Had fun with Paige as my lifting buddy this AM!

    Did 100 DUs before lifting, in between lifting, and after lifting. (40 was my max unbroken…and that only happened once).

    Front squat: 107# (woo-hoo went into the triple digits!)
    Bench press: 63#

  11. Jessica, you rocked it today as usual!
    My lifts were the same as Jessica’s: FS 107# and BP 63#. 🙂

  12. Made this up on Thursday. 70 FS and 50 for bench press.

  13. I made this up on Thursday.

    Front Squat 3×5
    150×5 (83% of 1RM).
    I did 160×3. I probably could have gotten 2 more on this lift, but it felt awful heavy and my form was falling apart. So I stopped there.

    Bench Press 3×5
    110×5 (88% of 1RM)

    I didn’t do the double-unders or alternate jumping. My heel prefers a bike ride later today.

  14. Made this up Thursday evening.

    FS: 53, which was light-ish, but I worked to stay upright and still didn’t get low enough. Grrr.

    BP: 58 x 5, 63 x 4, 63 x 4

    300 double unders in my ProKeds, which I hope wasn’t a mistake.

    In retrospect, I would have benefitted from doing this yesterday with a big group and some coaching. My half-marathon training days are Wednesdays and Saturdays, though. Rest days are Fridays and Sundays. Sticking with this schedule until the event November 5. Then it’s all CrossFit, baby.

  15. Made up on Thursday

    FS: 109 # (90% 1 RM)
    BP: 77 — tried 83 but failed

    …and 900 SUs… fun times.

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