Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Power Snatch 5 x 2 @ 75%, rest 90 seconds between


10 x 100 Meter Sprints, One Sprint EMOM For 10 Minutes

...quality barbell time...

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  1. Yay! Speed work!

  2. Fun times with the noon group today.

    Power snatch: 60#

    Sprinting was not as bad as I expected 🙂

  3. 77# Power Snatch. That’s 75% and felt light.

    10 x 100M Sprints. I liked these.

  4. 65# Power Snatch. Felt really good about my form for the first time ever. Thanks Kelly.
    Sprints: not 100%. Right ham has been irritated since heavy DLs Sun.

  5. 142# for Power Snatch.
    Rowed 110 X 10 instead of sprints. Played it safe rather than run on wet pavement.

  6. Sub’d DU practice because my neck has been bothering me.

    10X100 was at 85% because I didn’t feel like slipping on the wet asphalt.

  7. 53# power snatch – felt pretty light

    10 x 100m sprints

  8. Another fun day at the gym! It was great watching Harold and Sarah run at the speed of light and sound. Harold, by the way, is the fastest man in America!!

    Practiced snatch form with a light weight, then ran up and down the alley, trying not to get trampled and/or fall down.

  9. 53# power snatch
    nice cool breeze for the sprints

  10. 94# power snatches and some quick sprints

  11. Somehow forgot this was 75%- started at 110 and ended at 125#. Rowed 110m sprints rather than attempt run sprint on wet pavement and bad ankle. averaged about 18 seconds per.

  12. 97# Power Snatch

    110m Row sprints, average of about 22 seconds per sprint.

  13. 110# power snatch

    Lol!!! @ Terri. I’m not the fastest person in America… I’m just a littler younger than most. Im only 27, although coach Street may have thought I was even younger as she thought i was driving my mothers truck… Lol.

  14. 53# power snatch (def felt like a little wimp since I was the only girl at 6am)

    Did my best to keep up with the boys on the sprints.

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