Monday, October 10, 2011

Power Clean, 10 Minutes to Establish a 3 Rep Max


12 HSPU’s
2 Power Cleans
10 HSPU’s
4 Power Cleans
8 HSPU’s
6 Power Cleans
6 HSPU’s
8 Power Cleans
4 HSPU’s
10 Power Cleans
2 HSPU’s
12 Power Cleans

(Men’s Weight: 155 Women’s Weight: 105)

Coach Anderson, Liz & Eli rowing their CFRX boats ashore

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  1. Metcon:

    9:55 @ 132

    Started at 155 and missed a few cleans in the 6 round…dropped to 132 which was probably too light

  2. 8:30am class killed it today!
    115# on 3RM PC
    17:55, 105#, blue band
    Most I’ve ever cleanned in a metcon. Yesterday, with the awesome coaching of Mike, I did a HSPU or two against the wall and even attempted a freestanding one. Yay. Still stayed with the bands today since it may have taken me over an hour RXd. 🙂

    • You are on a roll lately. Impressive strength work and congratulations on the HSPU progress. Seems like you may peak just in time for the Open. 😉

      • Thanks Pat! 🙂 I miss you!
        I forgot that I have used 105 on a metcon in the Open (that went miserably).

  3. Oh, and don’t forget….
    CFRX Elite Team (Coach Erin, Coach Kelly, Coach Mike and Joey K) vs. No Excuses Elite Team at the gym tonight @ 7:30pm! Bring friends, a beer, and your pom poms! GO CFRX!

  4. PC 3RM
    117#. That’s the most I’ve lifted since mid-August. I wanted to do more, but I was feeling it in my right elbow so I stopped there. What a relief to know I can still lift some weight!

    Scaled the weight down to 77# since my recovering arm was lit up at this point from the previous 10 minutes of work. I switched to squat cleans to make it more challenging and not be a total wuss.
    Subbed pike pushups for HSPU. Feet on 15″ box and head to 1 abmat. I can’t believe it, but that’s actually an improvement over the last time I did these on Aug 13. That day I used an abmat plus 5kg plate then 2 abmats later in the workout. So somehow I managed to get better at these over the last two months of modified/scaled workouts.

    • Great to hear you’re lifting heavier weights again!! Hooray!

  5. 3rm power clean:
    97# – 102# x 2


    77# power clean/ blue & red bands


  6. PACKET PICKUP for Northface Race this weekend.

    Thursday, October 13: 10:00 AM-8:00 PM
    The North Face Store
    35 A West Ferry Road
    Atlanta, GA 30305
    (404) 467-0119

    Who else signed up besides me & Radha?

    • I signed up for the 50K – I’ll go do my packet pickup after CF on Thursday I think.

      Really struggled on not doing the 50 miler but head finally overruled my heart (plus getting to the start line by 5 a.m. sucks a lot more than 7 a.m.).

      • Hey, just a fair warning

        the address as typed leaves out “Paces” so if you search for this, Google maps will send you to Sandy Springs – way off from where you want to go. The actual address is

        35 A West Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, GA 30305 and is in Buckhead Village.

        • Thanks for the heads up, Bob! That’s great that you’re doing the 50K, wow!!!

  7. 117# x3, 122×1 (previous 1RM 121)

    13:?? 105#, pike push-ups

  8. 73# x 3, 83 x 2

    pike push ups from red box, 60# cleans

  9. 164# on the 3 rep max power clean… I have more than this.

    15:39 Rx on the met-con… took most of what I have on this.

  10. 3 rep max power clean: 105#

    Met-con: 11:30
    mods — pike HSPU & 88#

  11. 3 RM PC @ 139# (PR)


    24″ Pike
    119# PC


  12. 75 x 3, did 80 x 2 twice but failed on the third rep each time.

    Metcon with pikes and 65#, 13:53

    Watching our team compete tonight was SO MUCH FUN! We rock. Oh yes we do. Our guests from CrossFit No Excuses were fantastic! I yelled so much I gave myself a headache, which I am now treating with a Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale, so not paleo. 😉

  13. Yay, Team RX! Great job, Erin, Kelly, Michael and Joey! It was fun to watch your intensity at the competition tonight — you did us proud. I appreciate so many of my gym mates (and Remy) reminding me that clapping for the “opposing” team is the crossfit thing to do! xoxox

  14. Power cleans 97X3, got 102 x 2 TWICE!!! ARG!

    Used 97 for the metcon. 19 something….cleans were mostly singles but I am having a hard time doing the head to the floor HSPU with the bands…I keep falling off the wall so I have to keep re-doing them. I can do a few unassisted HSPU and almost never fall forward so I am not sure what it going on.

    Stayed to watch our ELITE team and they totally ROCKED it!! SOOO impressive! Great energy – we need to do this more often!

  15. 3RM: 184

    Metcon: 13:44 RX

  16. I really want to do this workout; stayed home and ran 5 miles in the rain at Sweetwater, but want to make this one up.

  17. 3RM at 194#, 2 reps at 204# before I strained my neck. Going to try and do the rest on Thursday.

  18. Made this up after Tuesday workout.

    11:48: RX. Got 9 HSPU first round before breaking (with kip).

    • oh…3RM was 180

  19. 3 rep max power clean: 89#

    Metcon: 9:46, 73#, pike with toes on red box

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