Saturday, October 8, 2011

Team WOD

Stick around the gym after the Team WOD to cheer for our CFRX Comp Team who will be competing against another Atlanta area CrossFit Affiliate!

CFRX Teamwork! (awesome photo credit Sue)

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  1. Nice work today team RX!!!

  2. Please post links to the comp videos. Good job cfrx team. It was a very impressive performance.

  3. THaNKS EVErRYONE that cheered us on!!! It is the moat wonderful feeing to have a cheering section! Y’all helped a lot!

  4. Agree with TPoole! Thanks for the encouragement! And most all of you could’ve done that WOD today, so think about joining an RX division team next season. We can have multiple teams, multiple fun. 🙂

  5. I am so very proud of our team!! You all kicked some ass today!! It was so cool to watch you all in action! Very, very proud!! Great job!

    Oh, and everyone doing today’s group WOD rocked!!! I love Saturday mornings at the gym!

    Now, you’re done. Enjoy the weekend!

  6. Yeah thanks for staying and cheering us on guys… It really does help. I thought I was on the football field again for a moment… Then realized I was being tackled by barbells instead! And like Coach Street said, most of you all could have done the workout today so sign up next go around. The competition brings out another level of intensity that you might not have known you had, and once you discover that untapped energy, it will help you with your daily workouts.

  7. Watching the competition was FUN! (Watching a workout is always more fun than actually doing one.) Our team did great! And our friends from CFED were awesome. If Andrew posts the pictures, you’ll see me sitting in the background eating a big salad. 🙂

    Did an 8-mile interval run early this morning with Team in Training. Next week: 12 miles.

  8. Another big thanks to everyone who cheered us on today! That second set of 5 rounds got tough so the encouragement definitely helped!! 🙂

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