Friday, October 7, 2011

10 x 1 Overhead Squats, heaviest possible, rest 90 seconds between lifts.


3 Rounds For Time:
250 Meter Row
10 Burpees
5 Front Squats (185#/135#)

Notes: No racks allowed throughout. Rowers go first to those who will RX the Front Squats…otherwise first-come-first served. Alternate movement is 25 Sumodeadlift Highpulls (“shin-to-chin”) with a 45# bar (yes, 45# for both men & women alike).

Lindel with multiple PR box jumps in one evening of solid work!

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  1. Wow, Lindel! Awesome!!

    • Yay Lindel! 😀

      • Thank you! It felt good to get on the higher boxes 🙂

  2. Great morning class!
    58# for overhead squat. Tried 63# 4 times for 2 successful OHS. My 3 rep max was 57.

    73# for front squats. 12:25.

    • OHS not my best movement so I stuck with 42# and tried to have good form.

      Metcon: 52# front squats; 9:02

      • Didn’t really mean that to be a reply to Radha, but I did want to say good work, Radha! 🙂

  3. 110# for overhead squats

    Attempted 152# for front squats, but after the burpees only made 3 or 4 of them then switched down to 135# to finish in 12 something.

    fun times.

    • welcome back jack!

  4. Practiced OHS up to 3 @ 85#

    Modified Metcon
    250 rows
    10 burpees
    10 ring dips

  5. Team RX mixed is competing here at CrossfitRX tomorrow at 11:00 am….come do the team wod and stick around to cheer on the team!

  6. Worked out by meself before the noon class.

    OHS 10×1, no rack
    97# (power snatch to OHS)

    97# Front squat. Used rack because I can’t clean without arm pain. Tried a heavier weight, but it caused pain in my recovering left hip/back so stayed at 97#.

    • myself. not meself.

    • Best female snatch in the gym 🙂 Miss you, Pat!

    • awesome Pat! What a great OHS!

    • Hey thanks ladies. I am starting to add a little weight back. Hope the body holds up and keeps getting well and pain free soon.

      Miss you too, Christin.

  7. OHS – managed to get 192. Got 202 cleaned, overhead and down, but faltered on way up. I know I can get that. 198 is my PR for OHS with rack, so very happy with this.

    Metcon – 9:52 (used 186) that’s probably why I was almost 2 minutes slower that Kelly – HA!

    WARNING – The first clean and front squat is a doozy. Be prepared for it.

    • That is so true!

    • RX plus baby!

  8. 130# for the OHS. Up from 110 at the start.

    135# for the FS on the 2nd session. 10:30.

  9. Felt good to be back after being out of town and then sick for the last few days.

    OHS: 68# — need to work on snatch form

    WOD: 11:35 w/ 99#

    It was great to see Trish go Rx on this one — very inspiring!

  10. OHS – started at 77#, ended at 116# (21# PR)


    131# FS (1# PR on the Clean, all FS unbroken)


    • Very nice, Dustin!!

  11. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for being so friendly and helpful in my first week at crossfit rx!!

  12. OHS 103#. WOD: 10:41 with 110# Front Press.

  13. Did the noon workout with Bryan and Andrew; these guys made it look easy (but that was a lie!)cans had awesome looking form.

    Worked up to 152 OHS for my last lift but, with tips from the guys and coach Pat, it felt like my best lift so I’m sure I have something left there.

    Took two attempts to clean 185 then I could only do one rep before I had to set it down so I reduced weight to 165 and then was able to finish relatively strong – 10:02.

  14. OHS: worked up to 68#

    WOD: 9:13, 73# front squats (the clean is my limiting factor)

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