Wednesday, October 5, 2011


4 Rounds For Time:

6 Deadlifts (315#/215#)
12 Ring Dips
40 Double Unders

Emily jus' hangin' around

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  1. Started the WOD with 275# but dropped down to 250# halfway thru the 2nd rd


  2. Still modifying and going light due to injuries/pain.

    4 rounds:
    6 deadlifts, 77#
    12 dips, blue
    40 KBS, 25#


    The light deadlifts still caused some pain, but I think at this light weight it is fine and good to work my back; it’s like rehab! These were the first dips in more than 6 weeks so I used a bigger band than normal. My arm felt ok and in general feels better today even though I’ve worked it some this week. Heel is unhappy from the last two days of running, so I skipped the DU’s and the jumping alternatives in favor of light KBS.

  3. Used 288# on DL. That was a good weight for me. Slow, but all lifts felt good on back and form felt good. DUs were not working today – maybe cause I jumped in lifting shoes. Slogged through ring dips no band. Time was 17:56.

  4. Snuck away from the office for the noon session. YAY!

    119#, red band, 18:20

    I. Feel. So. Much. Better. Now. Ha!

    • p.s. Super cute picture of super cute Emily!

      • Thanks Terri. 3rd time getting my pic on the blog all upside down! Funny:)

    • You need to sneak away more often

      • Fo real!!

      • “like”

  5. 14:16, 215# 1st rd, then 199# on remaining.Red band on RDs. DUs went poorly.Tired and grumpy which, for me, is usually a sign of both my age and over-training.

  6. finally on the otherside of a month long sinus/upper respiratory thing and back in the gym. 220# on deadlifts in 12:07. looking forward to getting back in the action with y’all.

  7. 4 rounds. 11:53

    purple band
    120 single-unders (that will teach me to work on my du’s!)
    Thanks to Christin and Erin for the deadlift coaching.

  8. 8:33 RX

    Deads were 2 at a time for the most part

    • Apparently everything else was unbroken! Super fast!

    • Amazing!!

    • Daaaammnnn! You are a freak dude! Nicely done compadre…

      • Said the freak to the freak. 😉

        • 🙂

  9. 240# DL (3×2 1st round, singles after that)
    Black and small blue ring dips (down from large green)
    Singles x3 (102 unbroken in 4th round)


    Really feeling good about my progress this week!

    • Great job!!

      • Yes, excellent!

    • Way to go!!! 😀

    • You should be feeling good! Fun working out with you today!

    • Yay for you!

  10. 152 on the DL, the rest rx


    Dips were singles after round 2 but I didn’t rest much in between each one. DU were tough for me too…I think it was the switch from posterior chain to quads…who knows though!

  11. 152 on the DL which was really heavy for me…. 1 at a time, there was no stringing reps together 🙂

    Blue band for dips and I did 130 singles.


    Therese….. thank you so much for the push to go heavy and for the encouragement in the last round. I was totally psyching myself out at the end.

    • I was thinking of you today and wondering if you’d come in for this one, since you are a strong at DLs. Nice job, Boxley.

      • thanks christin it felt good to feel like i lifted something substantial…. at least at my level 🙂 Are you coaching friday morning? I’m an afternoon girl, but I’m heading to cancun on friday so I’m trying to hit the 8:30 or 12:00…. fingers crossed.

  12. Good WOD. Haven’t done deadlifts in a while but it was good to establish a 275# 1-2rep max. Need a lifting belt, feels scary without one. I did the workout at 240# and finished in 10:01…
    I like CrossFit.

  13. Her brains are leaking. Should be an easy clean up though!LOL

    • My friend wrote that. Don’t leave your phone laying around! Might be true though!

    • Nice mike!!

  14. 11:00; 131# for deadlifts; baby blue band for ring dips

    I need to work on my DL form.

  15. Beautiful day so played hooky from work and CF and did 15 miles on the trails at sweetwater. Ankle was sore so I can’t run fast but it held up well enough- I assume this means I’m doing at least the 50k at North Face Atlanta next weekend.

    • Wow. 50k. Go, Bob!

  16. Made this up on Thursday. 129# for DL; red band on dips; combination of DUs and singles at 3 for 1. DUs account for the slow time. 22:26

    When we got home, Liz said how much she likes the gym! Thanks for your great coaching, Michael. 🙂

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