Monday, October 3, 2011
Squat Cleans (135#, 95#)
200 Meter Run 

Note: Just to clarify, run 200 M once after each set of cleans, for a total of 10 runs overall…i.e. 10 cleans-run-9 cleans-run-8 cleans-run…and so on ending with a run 

Chris & Alice & our friendly neighborhood kettle-bells


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  1. Squat cleans @ 110 lbs.

  2. 22:42 RX

    • Awesome!!

    • 🙂

  3. Good one today. Lower back pain tells me my form wasn’t great but also not terrible. 26:xx at 110#

  4. 34:52 rx

    This was extremely hard for me but I am glad I stuck with it.

    • good job!

      • way to go RX

  5. 30:29 @ 73#s

  6. First time doing all squat cleans rather clean then squat. Lower back got tight in round of 4 and my running really suffered in last half.

    25:20 RX

    Great to have Bob and Harold at lunch.

    • And I have had Fran cough all afternoon

      • Haha! I wasn’t going fast enough to get the Fran cough-lol!

  7. 32:10
    I subbed push press for squat cleans due to knee injury this weekend thanks Kelly!

    #73 for Push Press pretty sure that the most weight I have push pressed before.

    Great to see Jen and meet Melissa!

  8. Thanks Jen! it was great to meet you and other Jen! I really appreciated your help and enthusiasm! I am excited to be getting started at CFRX…. despite the fact that I still can’t feel my legs 🙂

    I look forward to meeting everyone! (I’m bad with names, so please forgive me if I have to ask a few times).

    I don’t even remember my time for today… i am just so glad I made it though the whole work out!

    • you did such a great job! you’ll find yourself addicted before you know it! looking forward to working out with you again!

  9. 30:07 @ 97#

    Finally got the hang of squat cleans today!

  10. 28:38 RX
    Ran in my lifting shoes b/c it was the only way to lift 95#

    I joined Bryan in the Fran cough club:-)

  11. 23:35, 66#
    First time doing cleans in more than 6 weeks due to injured arm. Warmed up with 77#, but that weight hurt my arm so scaled down to 66#. This is a light weight for me so all squat cleans were unbroken.

    First time running in FOREVER due to plantar fasciitis. I did a SLOW jog. Heel is hurting.

  12. 24:49 with squat cleans @ 65#…felt just right. 🙂

  13. 23:30(ish) – RX

    Can’t remember my exact time but definitely wouldn have been slower without Harold and Bryan setting the initial speedy tempo. I was able to pick up the pace by the 3rd set as my muscles warmed up and I could squat with better form. I liked this one but my low back muscles didn’t – they are a bit pissed off this morning.

  14. 24:00, squat cleans 73#

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