Friday, September 30, 2011

AMRAP in 15 min:

25 Box Jumps (24#/20#)
20 Kettlebell Swings (55#/33#)
15 Toes to Bar
10 Burpees

Tis the season to get outside and wrestle tiny boulders…the Triple Crown Bouldering Competition Series begins THIS SATURDAY!!! Get out of doors and do something different this weekend! (hmmm, wonder where Coach Michaelsaurus will be…)

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  1. Super cool video of the Legendary Lizard People! Go Michael!

    p.s. Resting today in preparation for my 10-mile interval run early tomorrow morning.

    p.p.s. It’s 10 miles and … I CAN DO IT!! Ha!

    p.p.p.s. My first day at CFRX nearly 3 years ago, I was scared to run 400 meters in the warm up. I made Laura go with me.

    • Go Teri go! You will be great tomorrow. The cooler weather will also be a nice bonus.

    • awesome terri!

  2. Great workout this AM with Erin’s fantastic coaching. Glad to make it back to the 6AM.

    3 rounds plus 27 reps.

    Total reps 237.

  3. Get it mike!!

  4. So nice to be back with the 6am crew.

    2 rounds 25 20 1. All rx, except it was knees to elbows instead of toes to bar.

  5. 2 rds + 25 20 2

    All RX except I did some step-ups after missing on a jump

  6. Subbed wall-facing air squats for KB swings
    3 rounds + 25 box jumps + 20 squats + 8 T2B

  7. Team RX (mixed division) will be competing on Saturday 11 am at Crossfit Max Kane (in Flowery Branch).

    Team RX (elite division) will be competing on Monday 7 pm at Peachtree Crossfit (in Buckhead).

    Come out and support if you can!!

  8. My first all-RX since diving into CrossFit last month. Need to stay piked with the T2Bs.
    2 rounds plus 24 box jumps.
    I am whipped but feeling proud. Thanks, everyone for the sincere support. If anyone wants to do a fun “Follow the Leader” on Sunday afternoon, let me know. We’ll bike from the Inman Park MARTA around 5pm, to the Path, go west to Boulevard, back east to past Moreland. Stop to climb trees, do cartwheels or rolls, sit-ups then bike back to have a snack at Across the Street on N. Highland. Bring a helmet, water bottle and a hunger for fun. Significant others and friends very welcome.

    • What time Sunday!?!?

    • Congrats on your first RXd! You rock, Sue. Love your energy.

  9. This kicked my ass! Box jumps are not my friend.
    3rds 25 10 = 1 beat momma

  10. RX

    2 rds + 25 + 15

    I’ll be switching to the 8:30am class starting Monday. 🙂

    • YAY!

    • cool video. wish i could go check it out.

  11. I can’t blame high heat, now that fall’s rolling in, I felt super slow 😦

    2Rds, 25, 20, 1

  12. 3 rds 25/20/10 Rx

  13. 20″ box jumps (all jumps today, yay!)
    55# KBS

    2 rounds 21 jumps

  14. 25# KBS due to back pain
    Subbed stepups for box jumps 1:1
    toes towards bar
    3 rounds + 3

  15. 2rds 25 16

    Mods: knees to elbows

  16. 4 rds 25 9

  17. 2 rds 25 20 5

  18. 3 rds even, toes made it to bar maybe 50% of the time (and I might be overestimating that)

  19. Made this up on Sunday

    3 rounds + 25 box hops + 12 kbs RX

  20. 3 rounds + 24 box hops RX

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