Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Push Press 5 x 3 Reps—max weight possible, rest 60 sec between rounds, racks allowed


Double Unders
Sit Ups

 Compare to 110613.

Preston learning to fly

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  1. Yay, Annie!! 😀

  2. Beautiful pics, Erin!

    152 lbs on the push press
    Annie (Rx) in 7:34

    • Great job this morning, Mike!!

  3. push press 67×3 70×2 

    annie with parallettes
    10:15 which is slightly faster than last time

  4. 9:04 for Annie (30 sec slower than PR–had some trouble stringing long sets of DUs today)

    PP 97×3–not quite max but done with 5 rounds

    Great time lifting with Paige, Jessica, and Brittany this AM. Great job ladies!

  5. I am wondering if I am ever going to get back to the gym! Hoping for tomorrow…

    Any chance the 6 am class is getting big enough to need a 7 am? That might end up being my chance to make crossfit work with my travel schedule.

    • Hope so!! 🙂

  6. Kept it light on the push press…letting my shoulders & neck heal.
    Annie 8.40 (thought I was moving slow, but I shaved a whole 2 sec off my time)

  7. 2 things….don’t forget to pre order your tees! We’re ordering them tonight! Write your size on the whiteboard or just send me an email 🙂 and Erica…the 6 am is great! But we’re not quite in need of a 7 yet. When class size is consistently 12-16 than we’ll talk 🙂 a 7 pm is more likely to come first….we’ll SE though

    WOD…did 100 GHDs yesterday so my abs were wrecked. Wasn’t looking forward to Annie really. But managed a PR somehow?! RX 4:50

    • Kelly! You’re freaking awesome!!!

    • Um pretty amazying watching Kelly workout. It was so awesome. Even though you almost took me out with your jump rope:) I did it at an astonishing 17mins. But rx and I really worked on my double unders. Hopefully better next time we do Annie. Oh and can I put in my order for a small shirt?

    • Wait, you made the board, right?

  8. Kelly: What brand are the shirts? Knowing may help determine size.

    • I’m not sure of the brand but there are a couple sized shirts in the gym so you can gauge size:-)

  9. For the t-shirts:

    Here is a link to the boy shirts (with measurements):
    We also have samples at the gym to try on.

    Girl shirts (color: grey):

    We need your sizes today!!! Gotta get this order moving if we want to have our gear ready for the weekend!!

    Let me know if you have any other questions regarding the shirts.

  10. Annie RX 8:31 PR
    The only record I could find of an Annie RX was Sept 09: 13:46. I think I might be able to shave off a minute. I really messed up the first set of DUs and said many bad words (so sorry Lills!).

    • PS LOVE this pic of Preston! Great job, Erin. He did his first ever Annie today in about 7-8 min (RX).

  11. Yeah, these B and W pics are great!

    Tried 97 on PP twice but was only able to get two reps each time…

    Annie. 5:58. PR

    • sub-6 min Annie is crazy BIG!! CONGRATS!

  12. Loved today’s (and yesterday’s) workouts!

    Push Press: 79 x 3 (I tried to do 81# but it wasn’t happening today)

    Annie: 11:07 RX (did 35 unbroken DUs on the first round!)

  13. Today’s “Annie”: 11:12
    “Annie” on 6/13/2011 and my time was 13:07

    109#x3 Push Press, 119#x2 (yea, I kept psyching myself out on that last 3rd press, sheesh) 😦

    Fun group of peeps at 8:30.
    David, feel better we missed ya!

  14. Push Press – PR’d at 186, got two at 198, but could not get third.

    Annie – This time my double unders tanked. I am blaming standing in front of fan for first two rounds. Was able to get 30-20-10 unbroken. Sit ups where better so able to get PR of 9:02. I know I can shave another minute off though.

    Kelly – Just ordered the New Balance Minimus. Thanks for the help.

  15. Push Press:
    92# PR

    14:46 RX

  16. Push press
    #70 PR
    last time I did a 3 rep max it was #53 on 8/26
    YAY! It seems like I never have any PR’s to blog about.
    abmat and parallettes ( I’ll string those DU together soon)

  17. Push press 68#

    Annie = 10:30, 14 seconds slower than last time. Poop.

    I need to practice my double unders!! I hear that works really well for some people …

  18. Lots of greatness today in the gym…strong lifting and quick Annie! Congrats to all!

  19. push presses at 80#. I could have done more. Good way to start a comeback since it seems like with my whole array of injuries and motivation problems it has been forever since I could put up any kind of weight.
    Mods on annie. 10:55
    Congrats to Sarah H for claiming a top spot on the board today!

    • nice job on the push press!

  20. 5:39 RX!!!! I GOT ON THE BOARD! So happy about today.

  21. YAY for all the PRs and for Sarah on the board and for Bryan’s new shoes and for Ruth coming back!!!

    What a great day at the gym!

  22. Push Press 186# (actually failed on 3rd rep first time around but took a second go and got all 3 the next time)

    9:04 – subbed barrier jump for double unders.

  23. Fun this morning!
    PP: 77#
    Annie: 9:30 total PR

    • Last time was 12:00

      • Nice PR Paige.

  24. 132 on the push press failed on third rep at 142 twice.

    Annie @ 10:30 I think. Got to get the conseciutive DUs!

  25. And a quick congrats to Sarah for leading the board and Reggie for getting a three rep max that equals his one rep max! Record shattering 6pm crew.

  26. S/O to Sarah for killing Annie yesterday… I couldn’t believe my eyes… She was moving so fast…

    Finished push presses at 186# … got 1 at 191#

    And after a week off…what do i get? Annie… I literally jumped rope for close to 4 hours last week teaching myself double unders, conditioning my legs for a lot of reps and working on my boxer’s bounce…

    Annie: 10:03… Felt good to be able to do this RX after taking the time to practice while on the road for work… But I’m more happy for Sarah!!! Hard work pays off!!!

  27. 110, 132(f), 115, 115, 132

    Annie: 12:26
    3 singles per DU

    • 132 is PR

  28. made up on thursday

    Push Press: 33, 77, 87, 92, 97

    Annie: 13:05 w/ parallette jumps

  29. Made up on Thursday.
    Annie 10:55 rx. A 2:42 PR.
    Pleased with that especially after logging 22 miles on my bike commuting today.

  30. 113 for 3-rep Push Press.
    10:30 for Annie. PR!

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