Monday, September 26, 2011

3 Rounds For Time:

5 Deadlifts
5 Hang Squat Cleans
5 Push Jerks
10 Burpees

(Men’s weight 155#/Women’s weight 105#)

Coach Street! (cool photo credit Erin)

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  1. Street! Youre incredible!!! Erin….bring in that camera more often! Those shots are bas ass!

    • Omg sooo hot:)

    • Gorgeous picture of beautiful, powerful Christin, one of my CrossFit idols.

      • Note to Christin and Erin: Ruthie and I ran into Zeke and Joe this weekend, and Zeke was singing your praises. He said he went to a session you coached, and you were awesome.

        Thought you should know. 🙂

  2. Great picture of Christin!

  3. Sweet pic! 7:42 @ 70#

  4. Make my day, will ya? Love you guys!

  5. #dope pic cstreet! Oh how I missed crossfitrx last week. I came up with my own metcons everyday while out of town, did some power lifting and jumped rope everyday until I got double unders. I’m a bit jet lag from partying in Vegas this weekend and catching the redeye this morning, But going to come in an try to work thru it…

  6. 3 rounds:
    10 Deadlifts, 77#
    10 Front Squats, 55#
    10 Burpees


  7. 3 rounds, 72#, 9:47 Twinging lower back, so I fudged some of the hang squat cleans and didn’t squat as much as I should have.

  8. Hated having to go light today but I didn’t want to stress out my shoulder/neck after its just starting to feel better. I could have rocked 105lb (sigh)…oh well.
    3.40 @ 77lbs – did another 2 rounds and finished at 7.59 😉


    I also went a little light as my back was hurting on the SQ…this might be because I did a bunch yesterday….smh!

    7:10 82 lbs

  10. Christin Rocks!!!

    RX – 9:37

    First round unbroken. Downfall was later HSC and second round burpees. All DL and PJ were unbroken in round 2 and 3.

  11. cool pic Christin!


  12. 9:41
    pulled quad muscle so i could only do power cleans, no squatting for me. 100 abmat situps when i got home

  13. 9:04 @ 87#

    Very light for DL
    Doable for HSC
    Heavy for PJ

  14. Awesome pic!

    First day in the gym after two weeks on the road and one down w/ the flu. Coughed through most of it but happy to be moving again!

    10:30 at 120#. Subbed a 150m run for the burpees – hacking cough and Crossfit floor dust does not equal recovery 😉

    And Andrew, sorry a/b the extra rep…

  15. 63# in 12:12

    I haven’t been doing much strength work lately. Built some extra time into each round to stand still and think about how much I preferred not to pick up the bar again. This slowed me down quite a bit.

  16. Love pic of strong Christin!

    I enjoyed the short workout with weights! Plus burpees don’t bother me much. I used 60 lbs which was especially challenging on the squats and push jerks. 6:48 I think.

  17. Beautiful picture Christin!

    I really liked this workout — I was hoping to go Rx, but the HSC weren’t cooperating:

    10:19 w/ 92#

  18. 104#

    DLs and PJs all unbroken

  19. 155# (RX)


    The DLs were easy…push jerks were difficult (did split jerks for most of them) and the HSC were at my maximum for HCs so I couldn’t string two together. In hind sight, I probably should have done this at a lower weight.

  20. 6:54, 65# (Prob should have tried 70)

  21. I made this up on Thurs. It felt heavy but I got through it.
    3 rds
    5 Deadlifts
    5 Hang squat cleans
    5 Push Jerks
    10 burpees

    10:05 RX 105#)

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