Friday, September 23, 2011

4 Rounds For Time:

400 Meter Run
4 Muscle Ups
40 Double-Unders

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  1. I wanted everyone to know that one of the premier race events in the U.S., the North Face Endurance Challenge is in Atlanta on October 15th and 16th. This is a trail event which includes every standard race distance from 5K to 50 miles so there is something for everyone and will be held on a stunning course basked in the fall foliage of Pine Mountain Ridge/Range. Even with a bad ankle, there is no way I’m missing this!

  2. My kind of WOD!

    11:55 (Rx)


    • Who’s the goob in the pic with all the drywall protective gear on? What’s next? A WL belt, rashguards and a neck brace?! 🙂

      • I’m chalking everything from now on…

  3. Ooooops:) haven’t blogged all week!!! Well, first, thanks to Emily for trimming my hrrr…now for the week
    Monday was fun
    Abatte was one of the worst ever!!!! 33:00 RX
    Wednesday, also uber tough! Did this one with a local firebreather after hours…he beat me:) I was 15:?? RX
    Today, uber fun!! Good to get the confidence back up after 2 weeks of defeat! 10:21 RX

    • No problem Kelly:) It was so nice to see all my 8:30 friends again! I think I finished around 21mins.

  4. I’ve got a nasty crick in my neck that starts at my shoulder…so I had to stay clear of the MUs. Still it felt great to move!!
    17.?? (push ups for MUs)

    The 6am class was great today. Didn’t think anyone would show with the rain…but we had a nice group! Thanks for starting my Friday out right!!

  5. I was the slow poke this morning at 6 but yes it was great. My box hop subs were probably a bit much (which I realized when Liz came home after having done hops over parallettes instead). 🙂

    30:24 Subs were:
    12 pull up w/ tiny red & tiny blue and 12 dips w/ red
    40 box hops (small black box)

  6. I subbed hips to rings for MU.

    I think I was 19 something…forgot to write it down.
    Happy with DU, each set was about 32/8.

    Can we have a break from pullups and MU PLEASE – lol!!!
    (yes, I AM saying this!)

    Thanks Emily for the trim too!

    • No problem. I had fun talking you girls:)

      • Thanks for the RX trim today too! Great cut! And really good to see you again. I’ve missed your sweet, hot self.

  7. 20:02 which included a bathroom break (too much coffee) and a bit of time between rounds 3 and 4 because I thought we were doing only 3. DUH. I was concentrating on trying to get the rowing mu’s to look/feel good. The 8:30ers were busy this morning; working hard to play hard for the weekend??? My daughter is home from college this weekend and the whole fam (3 kids/hub) is going to hear Coldplay and all the hip bands. I hope they can keep up with me. Ha!

    • Watching you do the lateral jumps was awesome. Super fast! Nice time.

  8. 17;52 with rings to hips. Really want to practice Mu soon – I really think it is my technique

    • You are pulling plenty high so, yes, it’s a question of technique.I’m thinking Coach Mike needs a MU tutorial.

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