Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rest Day

Find a bicycle and ride it…post distance/type of bike/unusual encounters to comments OR make up Mon/Tue/Wed.

6:00 pm Skill Class:  “Jump-School” (Double-Unders, High Box Jumps, Broad Jumps, etc.)

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  1. Cherry Pickers gotta make up Tuesday, right, right?!

  2. Fascinating rest-day read about “Gym Jones,” which could be the best gym name ever. Programming sounds A LOT like CrossFit, only perhaps worse:

  3. Wendler deads 5/3/1 week: last set was 236# x 10

    Accessory work:
    3 sets alternating

    3- tire flips with Preston & Kelly (1000#)
    7- box jumps (36″)

    7 rounds:
    7 power cleans (115#)
    7 pullups

    On the 3rd round of cleans I caught one funny and tweaked my wrist so I sat there for about 15-20 seconds doing nothing….better than last Sunday though

  4. made up Tuesday

    c&j: 77#


    wish i could go to the skills class…work is always getting in the way.

  5. Modified version of yesterday’s WOD.

    3 rounds
    30 push-ups
    30 calorie row
    30 pull-ups


  6. Made up yesterday…
    I used 44 lb KB because the 55 is what pulled my back last time…


  7. Cycling! Ok. Just my usual commute to work which is 2 miles each way. I rode my Schwinn hybrid bike which I do when it’s wet out or there might be more debris on the road, although I’ve substituted more road-like tires for the original knobby ones. It took me 9 minutes going and about 12 or 13 coming back. I’m not fast. There were no unusual encounters to report.

  8. made up “Abbate” in the rain — 41:13 with 77#

    and THEN I got my first 24″ box jump in skills class

    and THEN I got my first 25 1/2″ box jump!! 😀

    Thanks for the help Michael!

  9. Worked on Muscle Up skills with Michael.

    Hit my first unassisted MU.

    Danka Michael

    • Congrats again Andrew!

    • Exciting, Andrew! Congrats!

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