Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3 Rounds For Time:

30 Push Ups
30 Calorie Row (or 45 Sumo Deadlift Highpulls @ 45#)
30 Kettlebell Swings (70#/55#)

NOTE: Rowers will be “1st come, 1st aboard”–therefore, athletes may have a rower for one round but not another. And this variance is AOK.

Lindel Jumps! (photo credit Pat)

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  1. 19:43
    35# kb
    I thought about using 44# but didn’t want to injure myself. Big shout out to he RXers on this one– great job!

    • “the RXers” – it wasn’t all he’s!

  2. This looks fun! Sadly my shoulder/neck pain is back after yesterday. Not sure about the rest of the week…may need to modify. Sigh.

    • 😦

  3. Great WOD!

    16:37 (Rx)

  4. Loved working out at 8:30 with Jessica K, David and Preston who all RXd under the awesome coaching of Erin! 18:?? RX

  5. 24:28 Rx
    Chasing David C., Preston, and CStreet is great motivation-Way to go 8:30-ers! 😀

    • Nice work!

    • You did great! And I am so glad to see you at the gym again!!

    • THANKS guys! I hate being last but with you all cheering me on I was able to push through without throwing up, ha! 😛

  6. 3 rounds:
    30 V-Up’s
    30 Walking Lunges
    30 KBS, 35#

  7. 19:55
    Thanks, Kelly, for stopping me as I started a fourth round. DUH!
    3 rounds:
    30 push-ups (bent knee)
    30 cal row
    35# KB
    I had to bolt to get to work at 1pm so didn’t get a chance to say thanks.

    • Nice job, Sue! Love that you could think about continuing after 3 rounds of that! 🙂

  8. 25:27

    35# KB

  9. The 8.30 crew rocked this one!! Very fun to watch!
    Me…not so much. This one exhausted me.
    20.?? Rx

  10. Just wanted harold, kristin, preston, poole and cstreet to know that they switched the schedule once again and now we are going to flowery branch to compete on Oct. 1st against crossfit max kane

  11. This WOD kicked my butt, my hands are still shaking.
    #44 for kbs
    thanks kelly for suggesting i use #44 instead of #35 which is what i wanted to use. sorry to the 4:00 Xfitters for all the noise i made 🙂

  12. Banded push ups
    55# KBS


  13. Ready for my rest day

    Rx – 19:00

    Andrew S killed this one

  14. Did a five-mile training run [3/1 run/walk intervals] with the indefatigable Joy, who had already worked out today. We didn’t time it.

    Thanks for going with me, Joy!!

  15. I was looking forward to this but it was exhausting (and at Crossfit, I don’t say that lightly). The KBs really did me in.

    RX – 19:37 (ish) I forgot to write it down but that’s about right.

  16. I missed my 6am friends, but it was great seeing folks I only ever see on Saturdays!

    I was a slow poke on this one:

    27:45, 44#KB

  17. 25:19
    mods: pike pushups and 44# KB

    Nice to work out with you Jessica A!

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