Monday, September 19, 2011

1. “10 Minutes of Gymnastics”
RX: 3 unbroken Muscle ups on the minute.

ROAR: 3 Muscle ups on the minute.

GROWL: 10 Pull ups on the minute.

SNARL: 12 Jumping Pull ups on the minute.

2.  GHD Sit ups
3 x 20 reps, rest as needed between sets.

3.  Double under Test
3 rounds for max reps of:
2 minutes Double unders, 1 minute rest between rounds.

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  1. 30 muscle ups for time- 5:31

    A PR of 1 minute or so….got 29 Mu’s in about 4 and a half minutes and then failed 3 times before landing the 30th…oh well, next time I’ll get sub 5

    Max rep du’s: 108/120/91

  2. Pullups: got tough for me as the rounds went on…wound up with 2 rounds of 9 and 2 of 7. And some ripped hands.

    GHDs felt good, made me wish we did them more. DUs: 58-57-57

  3. Andrew! What’d I tell you about keeping those heels down 🙂 jk

    Heavy thrusters are fun!!! And humbling

  4. Haven’t been in yet but this looks like fun.

  5. It feels good to be back. I tried giving it my all on today’s WOD after 2 weeks of not coming to CF…I’ll be paying for it tomorrow, or today. 😛

    Snarl, Abmat, Lateral Jumps 63/64/52

    • Welcome back, Jessica!! And yes, you will feel it tomorrow but COME BACK!
      And please post the dates for your Puppetry Arts Show. 🙂

  6. I feel like this was a much needed skills day. Didn’t try to do unbroken MU’s but was able to get 3 EMOM and feel like I am doing them much more efficiently, thanks to the video of that hot girl that Christin shared with me this morning:-) GHD’s scare me! DU’s felt good and able to get close to 30 unbroken…100/80/90?ish…

    • OMG, you blogged!
      For the rest of you, here’s the vid of the hot chick (Camille Leblanc Bazinet) doing MUs very slowly. Notice the way she has a massive kip and her body goes horizontal (think belly button to rings). Just watching it makes me think I’ll get a MU soon!

      • Thanks for posting – seeing this in slow motion is helpful not to mention that was just pretty hot 🙂

  7. 12 jumping pullups emom
    First 2 sets of ghds and 3rd set using the abmat (40 reps) because of some lower back pain
    Doubleunders: 61/60/58

  8. I liked today’s skill work…did some MU work…trying to get the kip thing going…what I have been doing is muscle myself up with little kipping but is not a good strategy for a wod. However, as I’m kipping more, I feel that I am losing the rings out to the side and then I’m unable to press out…

    10 EMOM pullups – hand hurt!
    GHD situps
    DU 101-98-90

    Next time, can we do the GHD last? That thing always gives me a really bad headache and I really thought I was going to puke during the DU.

  9. Better than I thought today would be. Growled today with pull ups. Best pull up day ever for me! Managed to get most round done by 35 sec mark and did not rip hands.
    Attempted GHDs – still not right form.
    DUs – My popeye forearms from pull ups were in no shape to spin the rope quickly, so disappointed on this. 87/76/67

  10. I don’t have MU nor Double-Unders so, even though there would be some value in coming in and just working on those skills; I’m going to take this day to get in 15 miles at Sweetwater. I’ll be back tomorrow.

  11. Snarled it w/ jumping pull-ups, 120 sit-ups on the lovely abmat (next time I will put a red pad thingy under my lower back, which today is chafed), 60-61-55 jumps. Good stuff.

    • oh rats, i forgot to warn everyone doing abmat situps at 8:30 about “baboon butt,” and therefore have you use a gym mat or yoga mat under the butt.You did great today, Sue. Especially with the J-Pulls. Perfect form and exactly what I was looking for.

  12. mangaged to growl
    70-65-63 on DUs

    I think I left my bberry at the gym—if anyone sees it will you put it in my locker. Thanks!

  13. Did this in a funny order because I came at an odd time and Kelly was accommodating (thanks, Kelly!):

    1. DUs: 50 | 56 | 56
    2. Jumping pull ups for emom for 10
    3. 40 GHD situps, then 40 abmat (my back started to feel tweaky, so I switched)

  14. snarled, GHDs, and lateral jumps (43/52/55)

  15. 1. Still no pulling for me so I subbed pushups for pullups in part 1. I had planned on doing 65# push presses, but those bothered my arm on round 1. Dropped to 44 for round 2 and my arm was still bothered, so I switched to pushups which don’t bother my arm – at least it doesn’t hurt when I do them.

    2. 3×20 GHD situps with arms at my side.

    3. Still no jumping for me so I subbed KBS at 25# for the DU’s. 63/63/57. Rounds 1 and 2 were unbroken.

    In warmup I ran the 800 to test out the heel. It is better so I thought I would try it with a little running. No pain during the run; we’ll see how it is tomorrow. I focused on avoiding the heel-strike and tried to do POSE style running.

  16. Snarl, GHD sit-ups, 70/68/78

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