Wednesday, September 14, 2011

10 min to find a 1 RM Clean and Jerk


3 Rounds For Time:

20 Burpee Pull Ups
20 Front Squats (155#/105#)
20 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

NOTE: No Racks, Not game standard box jumps, 30 min. time limit.

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  1. Great – now Kelly can lift the bar with his mind! How am I suppose to keep up?

    • …i know!! darn those jedi mind tricks! 😉

  2. Now THIS is a workout I can get into…moving heavy stuff with limited need for technique, skill or mobility – right up my alley!


  4. Crossfit games recap on ESPN2 starts tonight at 8 pm!!

  5. Did an early morning home gym version of this one.
    10 burpees on dumbell with clean and 4 presses with each burpee
    10 lunges
    10 squats
    x3 (no time kept)

  6. This was a lot to fit into one hour. Wish I would have had way more time for the Clean & Jerk.
    C&J 137lb PR – wanted to lift over 140 but ran out of time.
    17.53 Rx – very tough workout!!

    • This is impressive – even from what I’ve come to expect of you – A 137 lb clean is no joke for me much less someone of your size…Awesome job!

  7. Did 1 c&j @ 155# and stopped because my wrist has been sort of tweaked lately…needed to save it for the heavy front squats

    23:59 (Rx)

    These were heavy for me!

    • Way to go on RX

      • Thanks, I’m sure you will crush this WOD

  8. C&J 115. Cleaned 120 but failed jerk.
    Metcon = my purgatory for skipping Nate last Fri. Started with 105rx but dropped to 99 after failing clean twice. Time = 21 or 22 something.

    • note: dropped to 99# after 15 front squats at RX. which means i did 25% of the total FS reps at RX. ha! why does 6lbs make such a difference?

      • I have that same struggle a lot…I think a lot of mine is mental…when I “get angry” and use proper form, heavy weights are “easy” if not…they are impossible.

  9. Really tested the wrist today…

    126# C&J. Cleaned 131, but missed the jerk. I wasn’t feeling it – need to remember good clean technique! Quit there because it felt heavy and I didn’t want to do anything stupid on the first day back to lifting heavy. PR is 145.

    Did the metcon RX, but only did 2 rounds in 15:10. The front squats were very heavy and my wrists were feeling all the cleans required due to broken sets. Decided to quit there and see how my hands feel tomorrow.

    Kudos to the rest of the noon crew who fought through all 3 rounds. This was a tough one for sure!

  10. Fun group at noon!

    Clean and jerk – 107 PR for the jerk! Thanks for the mental cues from Erica and Kelly…that helped a LOT!

    I used 87 lb for the FS, the rest was rx
    The last set of FS took forever…it was physically and mentally tough!

    • Nice PR! And 87# on the metcon is something to roar about. It was a tough one.

  11. Clean and Jerk:

    102# PR

    first time over 100#s over head. super happy about this. looks like this is the most I have cleaned too.


    Started with 77# front squats did 1 round then dropped to 55# for the other 2 rds. my body was hating me after the c&j

    awesome noon group! this was super hard.

    • You did great! STRONG WOMAN!!!!

    • WOW, Jessica! That’s got to be close to more than a BW C&J!!? That’s fantastic!

  12. Thx for the “sassy” pic mike 🙂 I’m gonna get you back somehow!! 🙂

    Down to business!
    CF games on espn 2 in 4.5 hours!!!! Get some!!!

  13. Clean & Jerk @ 142 lbs. Tried and missed 147 and ran out of time.

    Metcon was hard. Had to drop weight on the front squats down to 110 lbs.


  14. First day with any barbell work in awhile. Stayed light to hopefully avoid reinjuring my back. Should know more tomorrow.

    C&J practice
    Metcon: 18:24 with 65# front squats

  15. It’s possible that I suck.

    Michael gave me a WOD today designed to help me train for the half marathon. Here’s what he asked me to do:

    > 50 squats | 5-mile bike ride (high gear)
    > 50 push ups | 5-mile bike ride (easy gear)
    > 25 burpees | 5-mile bike ride (any way)

    Here’s what I did:

    > 50 squats.
    > 4-mile bike ride. (Got spooked by off-leash dogs and a car that ran a stop sign, so I cut the ride short.)
    > 50 push ups, during which my dog tried to jump on my head.
    > Sat down on the couch and typed into my Mac, “It’s possible that I suck” etc. etc.

    Here’s what I learned:
    > I’m not disciplined enough for solo WODs.
    > I have no confidence on a bike.
    > Dogs hate push ups.

    • Don’t lose confidence, T! You’re working hard. Yes, not everyone can do wods alone at their best. Maybe take a city cycling class.

    • …and then there’s always the swim-wods we can use 😉 if there’re any dogs off-leash or motor-vehicles in your neighborhood pool, then we have bigger issues…oh, and you def Do Not Suck…good on ya T

    • I have no motivational comments – I just want to say that you literally made me LOL – good post 🙂

  16. I messed up my alarm for this morning and had to work late so I’m thinking I’ll make this up tomorrow afternoon.

  17. Skipped the C&J 1RM due to injury. Instead I did some gymnastics work. Handstand practice and sit-to-stands using a 6″ thick mat. I was able to stand up from the 6″ mat after some practice. FYI, the big mat is 6″ thick when it is folded all the way.

    Metcon in 22:26, modified as follows:
    Burpees with l-legged jump to rings overhead
    65# Front Squats
    Stepups subbed for box jumps, 2:1
    No back or hip pain when lifting from the floor or when squatting. That’s big progress. My arm was bothered a little by cleaning the 65# for the front squats…didn’t bother me during, but is bothering me a
    little now.

  18. I was excited for this workout all day.

    C&J 1RM at 191#. The max was clearly a limitation of my clean – not the jerk. My drop under the bar is probably only about 2.25 inches so, yeah, there is some room for improvement there.

    MetCon in 25:36 RX. I did nothing particularly quickly on these – but the bulk of the time was on the front squats. My discomfort in doing this is mostly mobility related – wrists and groin – and less related to the weight. By the third set I could string together 7 or 8 at a time…more like 4 or 5 at the beggining.

  19. My entire body pretty much rejected this workout after I was done. It was tough! I made this up this AM, by my poor little lonesome self. Great coaching by Mac though! (Thanks!!!!)

    C&J 1RM: 88#

    Metcon: 23:00 with 77# front squats

  20. I ended up finishing the C&J at 185.. Ran out of time, but I felt like I could have gotten closer to somewhere to 195-200.

    Metcon: 22:14 132# …Kelly suggested that I work at that weight to ensure I wasn’t stuck doing reps of 2 and 3. I broke them up in reps of 5 which was really comfortable for me…. Good coaching Kelly! My leg strength has increased tremendously since I’ve started crossfit! On a few of those reps I literally sat all the way down in my stance and was able to power it out. I initially felt like I was going to jump over the 24 inch box when warming up…Lol…That changed quickly once into the workout though. I was a little apprenhensive about the workout before coming in… But like Joy said… The WODs you dont want to do are the ones you need to do most! Great workout and great group…. Shout out to Reggie and Andrew for powering thru at RX!!

  21. 21:38 Rx

  22. made up on Thursday — had a pretty rough time getting through it.

    modified burpee pullups
    77# FS
    20″ box

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