Tuesday, September 13, 2011

5 Rounds For Time:

6 Snatches (135#/95#)
6 Pistols (3 R/3 L)

CFRX Endurance Athletes

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  1. What a good pic!! You guys are awesome! I heard you totally rocked it 🙂

    • 5k medalists!

  2. I left my light blue water bottle with the origami birds in the gym. Will someone please put it in my locker? I have a training run tonight. Thanks! xo

    • Done!

      • Thanks, coach!

  3. Congratulations, Runners! Which 5k did y’all do?

    • Look at what’s strapped on my back, Trish: Reynoldstown Wheelbarrow 5k. 🙂

      • That explains that!

  4. Glad I made it in this morning. Serious case of the “I want to sleep in” around 5:45am.

    7:16 – 47# snatches and pistols on 14 inch box (12 inch a 10#plate)

  5. Struggled a bit with my snatches today…they didn’t feel quite as good as they have previously, anyhow…
    RX – 10:35

  6. metcon:

    7:25 @110#

    Did my first 6 snatches with 120#, but missed a few so I dropped the weight

  7. 8.40 @ 77lb – thought I should have put another 10lb on…but I didn’t want to sacrifice form

  8. Ahhh – nothing cures a hangover like Crossfit. Yes it is Tuesday – don’t judge. I do love how CF can turn a day around.

    Did behind the ankle one legged squats and RX weight.
    Thought I had 7:11, but a few minutes after I was done I realized I only did 5 snatches per round. So I knocked out another 5 makeup snatches in 33 seconds. So unofficially – 7:44. Very please since last Isabel was 7:51 (sans pistols)

  9. I wanted to do the snatches – I have a new confidence ever since doing the snatchathon – but I have a parent teacher conference at 4:30 and then Y-8 soccer this evening; still this is my first day off since CF closed for the holiday so I’m okay with it…sort of…

  10. Fun Power Hour with Mike, Poole, Trish and Bryan! Could have used 65# but would have struggled with the squat snatch, so scaled to 55#. 6:42

    • ditto

      • I had no idea you were hungover…LOL! Great job!

  11. I LOVE today’s pic. Erica, you don’t look like you had a baby a few months ago. Instead you look so fit and full of energy! Love it.

    • YO CStreet! Saw you booking it on yesterday’s WOD on Dekalb Ave, great job solo running! 🙂

    • Thank you Christin! I’m feeling great!

  12. 11:03 w/76# squat snatches. I’m on a quest for pretty squat snatches…I still have a ways to go but some of today’s felt like I am at least on the right path.

    Thanks, Michael, for the impromptu SS refresher.

  13. I did 65 lb power snatches…I’m still fighting this back pain and the squat snatches were not helping it…
    rx pistols


    And I second the thanks to Michael…I have a new perspective on the squat snatch!

  14. 7:05
    14.5″ box for pistols with heel touch down
    Round 1 and 2 at 55#. dropped to 33 because of back pain.

  15. Those days where you think “maybe I won’t go in”, “I can make this up”: those are the days you need to go in! Short workout but helpful coaching from Michael and it’s always good to practice form.

    7:56 w/22lb bar and 13″ stack for pistols

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