Friday, September 9, 2011

5 x 3 Deadlifts @ 75%, rest 60 sec. between



20 min. AMRAP of:

2 Muscle-Ups
4 Handstand Pushups
8 Kettlebell Swings (70#, 55#)

Compare to 110304.

All ninjas at play

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  1. Very cool picture!

  2. I’m out of town in Boston. Hit the hotel gym this morning. I just wanted to get the blood pumping with a short workout…

    For time:

    30 dumbbell ground to overhead, 25# each
    30 kettlebell swings, 45#
    30 walking lunges
    30 medicine ball ground to overhead, 12#
    4 waiter walks, 45#, around perimeter of pool

    Time – 14:32

    • Nice little hotel WOD!!

    • Good job, Dustin!

    • Awesome Dustin!

  3. My favorite WOD!

    Subbed wendler deads for 5 x 3
    Last set was 210 x 8


    14 rounds (Rx) -PR of 3 rds

  4. Highly modified Nate today.
    8 pull-ups
    8 ring dips
    4 HSPU
    16 air squats
    6 rounds even
    Both dips and HSPU with bands in later rounds

  5. Deadlifts: all 225lbs


    Only completed 7rds RX, the muscle ups became a road block, as I was fine on the HSPUs and KBs, but once I began getting fatigue the MU transition was killing me and I use a regular grip instead of false grip. I couldn’t get over the rings after round 7. I need some MU technique work…I only got a crash course “hey, just do this, put your hands like this and do your shoulders like this…lol.” Fun workout though, good job 6am!

    Can’t wait to do all of these workouts again a few months from now. I am officially a crossfit crackhead! Its scary…I think about the workouts all day at work and all night before I go to sleep. Don’t judge me! So if you all hear that someone broke into the gym guys…don’t worry, it was just me trying to practice muscle ups and OHS…lol. J/K

    • Yes, it is addictive. Sounds like you are officially hooked.

    • Welcome to the crazy club!
      We might be nuts…but we can totally kick some ass!!

    • Sweet! (re your effort today and the Kool-Aid 😉 )

      • Ha! Thanks! Kool Aid…lol. I’ve been looking for that stuff… I didn’t use it today…wish I did!

  6. Yeah, love the photo. Strong men!

    131# deadlifts

    Nate: 7 rounds (plus 4 pull ups). This compares favorably to a year ago when I did 6 rounds with more band and lighter KB. I did lots more rounds this past March but that was with kneeling MUs which go way faster than all the pull ups and dips.
    Today I subbed 4 pull ups w/ my tiny red and 4 dips w/ red for each MU. HSPUs w/black & red bands. 44# KB.

  7. Great morning crew and thank you Erin for the extra coaching on HSPUs and kettle bells.

    114 for the DLs
    5 rounds 8 dips 8 pullups 3 HSPU. 44# kb
    Subbed dips and pullups for the mus and HSPU on a box. Pretty wobbly on the kb. It was my first time using that weight.

  8. Met the kettle bell for the first time and it felt great (35#). Used my mama hips.
    First time at Nate
    6 rounds:
    8 pull ups (tan band)
    8 ring dips (purple band)
    4 HSPU (on box)
    8 KB swings

    Then, had an awesome lunch at One Eared Stag in Inman Park – roasted tomato gazpacho with crab and heirloom tomatoes. Then a “BLT” with an egg and amazing leaf lettuce. That place is a winner – farm fresh food.

    • Great job today, Sue! And YUM on the lunch!

  9. Great lunch group.
    DL – 280 – Thanks to Reggie for not letting me wus out.

    Nate (how I loathe thee)
    Did 4 Rowing MU (I think I blocked out all instruction that these were not subs, but I did them last time for Nate), and used old red and green bands for HSPU (more than last time but shoulder still recovering)
    Did 9 Rds plus 2 rowing MU. A full round better than last time. HSPU were unbroken head to floor and strict. KB all unbroken.

  10. Only had a 30 minute window today but was good to be in the gym after a few days of travel transition.

    Did a mod of the 100 OHS workout – no toes to bar penalty.

    100 OHS @ 81#.

    Not the toughest and should be doing this RX but was good for today.

  11. 8 rounds Rx (2 rnd PR)

    KBs and HSPUs felt great. MUs didn’t feel great. I need a MU Dr! Full extension + turnout waned as I fatigued.

  12. Great class this am! I really enjoyed working with everyone.

    I am going to skip today. This sinus infection won’t get any better unless I take it easy. Sorry to miss this ugly workout!

    See you all tomorrow!

    • I hear on missing the WOD today, I’m trying to kick a cold. I slept for a total of 20 hours yesterday (after canceling work and lessons-poopy) but I think I’m on the up and up. I’m going to try to go in for tomorrow’s Team WOD. See ya tomorrow!!

  13. 6 rounds complete. Dont have MU so did the sub (4 PU, 4 Dips for each MU) – limiting factor was clearly the ring dips. Everything else was completed unbroken but ring dips got down to 1 then rest (that was with a little kip!).

  14. 99#DL

    5 rds 8/8 4 1

    Mods: banded pullups and ring dips, pike hspu, 44# KB

  15. 6 x 50M sled pulls at 44# – as fast as possible

    4 rounds:
    30 wallball situps, 14#
    30 walking lunges
    100M farmers carry, 35#DD in each hand

    • DB, not DD. Dumbbell.

  16. Felt like run-down by the end of the workday and decided to rest. Doing six miles with Team in Training tomorrow morning, which will be a new PR. Yay! 🙂

  17. I loved coaching the pm sessions. Somehow didn’t carve out time to get “Nate” in today. See ya’ll on Sunday for the 9am 9/11 Memorial Team WOD.

    • Thanks for coaching!!!!
      For me today 187# for the DL
      5 Rds + 8/8 + 3 HSPU

      did bands for ring dips and HSPU
      All KB swings unbroken

      Comparing to 1 year ago got 20 more reps despite changing from pike to banded HSPU!

      • Always love coaching you, Meeks. My twin on our secret pullup grip. 🙂

  18. This was a fun workout!

    Deadlifts: 115# each

    Nate: 6 rds + 8 pull ups + 8 ring dips

    Used 44# KB, Purple band for pull-ups, LIttle blue band for ring dips, toes-on-24-inch-box pike push ups

  19. First blog ever:) Pat for you:)
    deadlifted 121 which is good for me
    I went 7 rounds plus 8 pull ups and 4 ring dips
    I used the really skinny blue and red bands!

    • Good job, Emily!

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