Thursday, September 8, 2011

**Important: NO 12:00 noon class today**

Rest Day

Practice handstands, frog-stands, head-stands OR make up a previous workout.

6:00 Skill Class: Squats


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  1. Is the gym closed this morning?

    • session confirmed…(especially on rest days) if no sign of life within the first 10-15 min, trainers are free to lock up unless there is a session immediately following…

      btw, we’ll be having a BRILLIANT skills class tonight @ 6:00! 🙂

      • Maybe I was too late…stepped outside at my usual 6:10 and all was dark at CFRX. No worries, home WOD: 100 dumbbell snatches, easy on the shoulder at 10# (all I could find at home), 75 burpees, and 3-mile run. Turns out burpees get you winded and sweating no matter where you do them…weird.

        • Oh and maybe I’ll try and join the squat skills fun tonight.

  2. wasn’t supposed to be…will find out what’s up. The only session today that is not happening is the noon hour. at least that was the plan.

  3. Trish – Did you get Kelly’s text? you can text me at 678-488-2330. Thanks

  4. Bryan, unfortunately it looks as though all our coaches are out of commission for this session. I apologize for the inconvenience…however, we will be having an “on” day on Sunday 9/11 for a tribute WOD. So an added bonus to look forward to 🙂

    • no worries – thanks for trying.

  5. Thanks, Coach Street for coming up with a WOD for me today. I enjoyed it!

    800m Run

    77# Push Press
    20″ Box Jumps (sub step ups)

    1000m Row


    • And you did such a great job with it. Nice to see you at 8:30! Have a great trip.

  6. Showed up at noon guess I should have read the blog. Oops

  7. Came back in today for the first time in a little over a month.
    Did a light version of Helen with 35# KB.
    12 seconds slower than my Rx PR back in March 2010.

    • great seeing you back in action and hope to see you tomorrow.

    • I’ve missed seeing you, Aarom!

  8. Jogged to the gym tonight and did 10 min paleo chair with Michael while we watched Trish do handstands and hand walking. I accumulated about 8 minutes of squatting–hard. Michael is amazing. Felt so nice out and enjoyed seeing gym mates coming and going on my run.

  9. Attempted to use Christine to get on the board (third time)….was slower (12:03) than last attempt (10:20) but realized that I cheated last time by using a short box – stepping it up to the required 20″ definitely had an impact. Still it’s an improvement and I can still lose a lot of time off the jumps and some on the BWDL so it’s not dead yet.

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