Tuesday, September 6, 2011

5 x 3 Back Squat @ heaviest possible, rest 90 sec between


“Helen “
3 Rounds For Time:

Run 400 m
21 Kettlebell Swings (55#, 35#)
12 Pull Ups

Compare to 110520.

yup, barbells make us happy!

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  1. Sarah, nice muscles in your arms!

    You know I hate to miss those heavy back squats. Back squats are one of my favorite lifts.

    • Thanks! Feels good to get them back!!! Why aren’t you coming today? Haven’t seen you in ages.

      • I’m subbing a lot of biking and swimming for the running and rowing these days because of a couple of little injuries that need more rest. So I’m working out here at my place where I have access to a pool and a bike. Today I’m going to use the Helen format, but sub 1/2 mile bike for the run and pushups for the pullups. (I can push, but no pull right now). I’m hoping to be able to do dumbbell swings – we’ll see how the arm and back feel when I try those out. It’s all good. As long as you are flexible and creative you can still get a good workout regardless of what ailments you have going on. Hope to see you soon. I’ll be in the gym some this week for sure.

  2. Back squats
    81×3 / 86×3 / 91×3 / 96×3 / 100×3

    Helen in 14:36
    35lb kb
    Pullups with my tiny red, then regular red and both on last round
    Time wasn’t far from last time but less band so I’ll take it

  3. Back squats:

    220×3 // 240×3 // 240×3 // 240×3 // 240×3

    Helen in 11:??

    6am 60 degrees vs 6pm 90 degrees… Talk about shocking your body

    Sidenote: there’s a good crossfit app for iPhones that helps you keep track of your times, reps and PRs

  4. Great picture 🙂

    75×3 85×3 90×3 95×3 100×3.
    13:14 using the purple band.

  5. Skipped 5 x 3 back squat for wendler back squat….last set was 194# x 8

    8:27 (Rx) …..16 seconds off my PR last May

    Very competitive crew at the 8:30…good work guys

    • I need to try and make to one of you guy’s sessions. I need that competitive push…

      • you should! 8:30 every morning

  6. 8:30 hour!! Thx for the push LaMar! RX bids you a farewell and look forward to a return visit.

    Did back squats on a different program this morning.
    Finished with 244 x 8
    Helen – 8:25, felt good, my runs must have just been a bit off cuz I was 3 seconds off my PR from May. Oh well!

  7. Today was the perfect first workout after our vacation! Love working with the girls 😉
    Back squats: 154 – 176 – 198 – 208 – 218 (PR by 15lb!)
    Helen 11.20 (40 sec less than May)

    • Loved working with you gals too…but you had 10:20…I had 10:40….still not a PR but about a minute better than last time i did it….the sprinting kills me…I gotta start doing more of that.

      Tried a light set of backsquats at 77 X 3 but my back stiffened up so I quit after that and did some good mornings with the empty bar instead.

      • Woops! Thanks, Therese!! That sounds much better!

  8. Helen 9:12 Rx

    PR by 2+ min. Got a terrible stitch/cramp in my side on the last run that just about had me crawling to the gym. The cool weather made up for it though. Great noon crew!

    • Fantastic, Trish! Big PR!

  9. 11:48 on Helen. RX. 1:35 under PR of 10:13 from 2008.

  10. back squats:

    88-110-130-140-142 (PR by 1# since May) It definitely helps to have spotters (thanks Michael and Therese!)

    Helen RX:


    Super happy with todays work. Awesome job noon crew!

    • Congrats on the RX and the PR, Badass!

    • You did awesome and you are SO STRONG!!

  11. BS x 3: 154 (PR by 10)

    Helen 13:14 RX
    It’s been awhile on this one. My last recorded was 13:54 but I rowed instead on running. Given that my rows are on average 30 sec faster than my runs this was PR by lots:-)
    KBS unbroken, pull-ups either 6/3/3 or 5/4/3.

  12. BS x 3: 142

    Helen: 14:36 w/ 25# KB & grn/blk pullup bands

  13. Back squat: 154 – 176 – 176 – 198 (PR) – 198 x 2

    Helen (Rx): 12:18
    Slower than last year by about a minute.

    • Also did 15k sled sprints with Erica:
      13:?? – 14:38 – 13:59 – 14.00 – 13.35 – 13:56 – 14:07 – 12:56 – 12:38 – 12:28

      • That’s 15kg weight, not 15k distance.

      • THanks again, Mike! Those were brutal, but you made me almost enjoy them.

  14. Great picture, Sarah!

    Yesterday: Ran 5 miles; 8:35 pace

    Today @ noon: Ran 2 miles w 10# weight vest; 9:14 pace

    Today @ 6pm: 10x50m sprints pulling sled with 15K plate. 17sec/18.8/18.82/17.8/17.6/18.3/17.15/16.91/18.16/17.72

    Then 10 min to 1RM zombie squat (front squat with hands straight out in front. 117#. Very uncomfortable on the collar bone, but definitely ensures perfect form. Had more in me but ran out of time.

  15. Lousy day. Tired of injuries and of sucking.

    • You don’t suck. Take it back.

      • I’m with Terri

    • Injuries suck, Ruth — YOU don’t suck! Nothing’s more frustrating, I know; I’ve been there. Take care of your injuries and be good to yourself. But keep coming in and modify where you need to. You’re doing so much better than you give yourself credit for. And you’re looking great!

    • Hang in there, Ruth! Injuries suck- you don’t! xoxo

      • Oh, Mike said that! See: everyone knows it!

  16. Plank Hold
    Accumulate 5 minutes of plank hold. Took me about 7 minutes to accumulate 5 minutes. This was much harder to do by myself than when I did it with the group a few weeks back. I made it to 1:30, then increments of 30 seconds after that.

    3 Rounds for Time:
    Bike 1/2 mile
    21 DB Swings, 20#
    12 Pushups (hand release)

    I scaled the DB swing way down to avoid bothering the hip/back. I still had some minor pain even at 20#, but decided to go with it.

  17. BS x3: 77, 99, 104, 104, 104. Charlotte was a great partner for the lifting!

    Helen- 14:?? Subbed 250 row for KBS and 7 pullups instead of 12. I loved working with coach Trish today!

    • NICE job on those back squats, you beast.

  18. Back squats were 55, 77, 87, 97. Did three reps of 107 but didn’t get low enough.

    Helen was 15:23, with KB swings @ 25#, all unbroken. Red band.

    This is 3:31 faster than my last Helen, when I used the 35# KB and more band.

    I was a little disappointed with my running speed. I’d hoped to go much faster because I’ve been running a lot more lately.

    • huge improvement on Helen!!

    • Yeah, Terri, congrats on huge improvement!

  19. 198 Back Squat all 5 rounds. Helen 10:32 (I think). CFRX please never close for 2 days straight. It was weird 🙂

  20. No Tuesday WOD for me, I’m super sick with a stupid cold. 😦
    Today’s WOD looked like lots of fun, Helen sounded tough!

  21. BS: 154 – 198 – 210 – 242 – 248 (1# PR)

    Helen – 16:00

    44# KBS
    Tan and green band for pull ups

    First time doing Helen

  22. Back Squats: 198 – 220 – 240 – 244 – 250. Cannot keep left heel down and still tender – with some healing I expect to improve significantly.

    Helen: 11:10 RX – hampered by inability to run smoothly because of ankle; expect sub-10 with additional healing.

    Added 15K slow row during evening for calorie burn.

  23. Backsquats: 75×3 85×3 90×3 95×3 100×3

    Helen: 13:12, purple band for pull-ups

  24. […] Compare to 110906. […]

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