Friday, September 2, 2011

5 Rounds For Time of:
400 Meter Run
30 Box Jumps, 24″
30 Wall Balls (20#, 14#)

Compare to 110915.

Note: There will be a 40 minute time limit


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  1. Looks like fun. I love how cross fit tries to disguise 150 wall balls as something other than what it is though 🙂 see you all at 6.

  2. not too upset that I’m heading out of town for this one 🙂

    Have a good weekend and see you all Tuesday!

  3. Oh what a terrible week I’m having.

    Good luck to all you 31 Heroes people! I’ll be on a training run with Team in Training tomorrow morning.


    • I do, I do!!! (miss terri)

      • Me, too!

        • Me three!

    • Thanks, friends! 😀

      • me too me too…i miss terri too…get back in here you endurance athlete 🙂

  4. Dont think it will last te day but Im on the board! 25:xx Rx!

    Great crew as always at 6AM.

    • Awesome job, Christian! Congrats!

  5. Feeling a little guilty at cutting this short. Stopped at three rounds (23:04). I dropped from 20 to 17″ stack of plates because I was moving so slow. I worked on WB form and doing 10 or more unbroken with 10# to shorter target. Just felt exhausted from the get go. Probably dehydrated. Hopefully there’s something left in the tank for 31 Heroes tomorrow. Props to everyone who kept on going this morning!

  6. Coincidentally, today marks my official 30th day/ month in crossfit and mike decided to post my pic. The program has been a humbling and reflective experience…. Humbling experience: 1. Found out I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was… Reflections: 1. Working smarter and not harder is the name of the game…in crossfit and life 2. You get in what you put out 3. Somebody else is always working just as hard or harder than you 4. Just Do It!

    Looking forward to this workout…. My quest to achieve my crossfit goals start today… Thanks for the goal setting session Michael. Let’s get it 6pm crew!!!

    • Great attitude!

    • Nice!

    • Dude!! Love it! You’ll go far my friend! Oh….and remind me, your joining the Atlanta League with us, that is if you can spare an hour on saturdays and like to compete?

    • Happy month anniversary, Harold. Love your reflections. You’re gonna thrive at this!

  7. Phew. Glad that is over. 37:xx with the 10# for wall balls.

    Shared a 24 inch box with wade today and it really pushed me to keep jumping.

    Way to go 6am.

  8. “Kelly”

    25:49 (Rx)

    • Awesome! The board is going down today!

  9. took both box jump and WB down a step from my normal to increase the speed

    39:50 with 16inch box and 12# WB

  10. Just registered for the 31Heroes workout tomorrow. Have you? 😉

    • Yay, Dustin! I’ll see you in the a.m.!

  11. Everyone knows how much I love wall ball shots – lol!

    4 rounds + run + 30 box jumps 24″ + 4 WB 12 lbs


    If my kid’s dad can take them to the DragonCon parade tomorrow, I’ll be there for the 31 Heroes wod.

  12. 3 things:

    1. Anyone who would like to, please come celebrate my birthday with me on Monday from 5-8 pm at Cypress Stree Pint and Plate in Midtown. 817 West Peachtree Street

    2. I am running the Reynoldstown Wheelbarrow Festival 5K on Sat, Sept 10th. Please join me!!!

    3. Yes, Terri, I miss you.

    • 1. awesome..i’m in
      2. you’re gonna CRUSH that 5k (no weight vest, right!)
      3. ditto

  13. Swim
    10 lengths freestyle, then 1 length underwater
    9 lengths freestyle, then 1 length underwater
    8 then 1
    and so on until 1 and 1.

    I did this in my little condo pool which is about half the size of the pool Erica used for her version of this workout. One length in my pool is 44′ or ~13.5 meters.


  14. Kelly did “Kelly” today


  15. 32.30 RX …no rabbit // Great Friday workout!

  16. Today sucked.

    3 rds run 20″ step-ups 21 12# wall balls

    • dude, you worked up the the very last second! that kind of will & focus is what crossfit is all about…Nicely done sir!

  17. 38:57 or something like that. Just under the wire. Very sloooow today and out of breath.

  18. First ever Rx workout. Beat the 40 min limit by only a little over a miniute. Still feels great! Thanks to Mike for paralleling my effort!

  19. “Kelly”: 40:09, 12 # ball

  20. […] Compare to 110902. […]

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