Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rest Day

Practice forward and backward rolls OR make up Mon/Tue/Wed

6:00 Skill Class: Goal Setting + Tour de CFRX skill work (aka “leftover night”)

Ah, rest day.


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  1. Went in for a light Metcon today

    5 rounds:
    30 double unders
    20 kb swings (55#)
    10 ring dips


  2. Same light met con as David….9:56 RX
    Shoulder burner!

  3. Did Wed’s Bear Complex:


    *Last 2 PP from BS didn’t quite reach full extension

    • Dude. Those are awesome weights though!

  4. did Tuesdays fun workout

    5 rds:
    12 pullups
    12 ring dips (tiny tan)
    6 rolls
    9 HSPU on GHD
    12 pistols


  5. 100m sprint
    75 walking lunges
    25 GHD sit-ups
    100 m sprint
    75 backwards lunges
    25 v-ups


  6. Skills WOD:

    for 10min:
    1 min row
    1 min GHD situps
    1 min pullups (grn/blk bands)

    reps: 683m row + 74reps

  7. Made up the “Bear”


  8. Did the Bear:

    88,98,100, 110 and 115. I cheated slightly and did the first sets with only 5 reps because I thought it was 7 rounds of 5 reps as opposed to 5 rounds of 7 reps…but I did the last three with 7 reps each so it mostly counts.

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