Wednesday, August 31, 2011

“The Bear Complex”

5 x 7 Sets of the sequence:
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press

NOTE: Rest between rounds as needed. Once the bar is picked up, athlete must do each movement (in order) 7 times without putting bar down on the ground. If bar is put down, round doesn’t count. So…pick up bar, do a clean to a squat to a press to a squat to a press, repeat six more times, put bar down. This complex is completed 5 times, ideally, with weight increasing each set.

barbells are FUN!

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  1. Ok…I’ve got a new goal, and I’m off to a pretty rough start 🙂
    I’m going to blog all of my work for a month! I dunno why that is so hard for me, but I gotta practice what I preach I guess.
    Anyhow, yesterday’s gymnastics WOD, 6:??
    Totally fun! Maybe the most fun I’ve had in the gym all year! Loved it!!!

    • You can do it, Kelly. I find that blogging the work is much easier than DOING the work. 🙂

      • Okay, Kelly, we support you and all, but is this really such a good idea…SIX minutes yesterday? Really? I seem to recall being over the 25-min limit…I hope us CF mortals can handle your blogging.

        PS. Ha…bring it on…we’ll be fine. 🙂

    • That is simply absurd.

  2. Great follow up to yesterday’s gymnastics WOD!

    “bear complex”


  3. Bear Complex: 33-43-48-53-53

    • Proud of you for doing this today. Nice work, Paige.

  4. Great to be back in the gym!!

    Bear complex: 47-52-57-62-64

  5. 33-43-48-53-48
    Dropped weight for the last set as my form was getting pretty terrible on the 4th set.

  6. Really liked this – even the extra squat;).

    66 76 86 88 93.

  7. I really like the Bear Complex, but where did it get the name? Sure, it’s a bear-of-a-workout with the increasing load, but it’s a bitch too. So I think it should be The Bitch Complex. 🙂
    53-63-73-83-83(3)-63 dropped down on the last set because I didn’t like the load bearing down on my neck.

  8. fun workout!


  9. It was fun watching everyone rock this workout at 8.30. Everyone looked so strong…Jessica really blew my mind!
    This one was tough…thought I might be able to hit 100lb but didn’t have it in me.

    See ya’ll after the holiday!!

  10. The Bear was sooo tough!!!

    • Dang, girl, that’s some heavy weight! Way to go!

  11. Bear complex: 64, 69, 74, 79, 84

    Think I could have done a set at 89 but wasn’t sure where to begin. Shoulders are always a concern anyway, so it’s probably for the best. Best part was having rests in between sets for a change. Worst part was that bar coming down (hard) on the back of my neck.

  12. I was concentrating on form, as a Bear virgin, and forgot to increase the weights. I did 35, 35,40, 45, 55. I will def start heavier next time and increase more carefully. Thanks, nooners, for your support and instruction. I missed Monday because of work, but am glad to be back. Going to the mountains for the weekend and plan to do some serious trail running. Watch for skinned knees next week.

    • great job, bear virgin! 🙂

  13. Alternate Workout

    5 rounds for time:
    Bike 1/2 mile (stationary bike)
    30 walking lunge steps

    My legs are fried. I am still pretty limited on movements that don’t hurt my back or arm. I was hoping to do some light shoulder presses or a farmers walk, but when I tried it in warmup, both movements bothered my back. Dr Cho said no loaded movements yet. I guess I should listen.

    • Also practiced pistols.

  14. Swam
    10 lengths breast stroke, then 1 length underwater swim
    9 lengths breast, 1 length underwater
    8 breast, 1 underwater

    …..and on and on until 1 of each.


    • Ugh.

    • ugh is right! this would be a DNF for me.

  15. “Bear”

    • your bar put my bar to shame…

  16. “Bear” AS RXed!!!!
    I got to use the “big kid weights” aka the 5 lb bumper plates on the baby bar! Moving up in the world, 2 lbs at a time. Most I’ve put overhead since November.

    • That bar was starting to look intimidating by the time I left:-)

    • yay! That’s great!

  17. Bear

    43-48-53-58-63 x 6

    my arms gave out on the pp on round 7 of the last one 😦 good workout though.

  18. Day 2:

    Bear complex, 65, 75, 85, 110, 120…..SUPER tough!! Big props to everyone!

    • Nice bolgging.

    • Yes, very good blogging 🙂 Also, 120lbs.!?!? That’s just crazy! 🙂

  19. I’m bummed I missed this workout…..
    I, like Kelly am trying to make an effort to blog my work…
    yesterday 1 very intense soccer game and 50 ab mat situps….
    today I missed because of a 13 hour photographic crossfit.
    I had a photoshoot that lasted 13 hours and involved lots of lifting and moving of heavy gear, my camera is heavy too! Not crossfit heavy but heavy when you hold it for 13 hours….and I just did 100 abmat situps.
    I will miss tomorrow because I will repeat today’s Photo WOD….. tomorrow. I’ll be in Friday 🙂

  20. Made this up today with Jessica A. (great job, Jessica!) – thanks for helping us count, Mac!


    • I really was so grateful to have you there with me on this one, Joy. I needed that extra encouragement from you and Mac! And great job to you. I made a mental note to psychology myself into thinking I’m doing a lighter weight, when I’m really doing 5 lbs more 🙂

  21. This looked like a good event for me but missed due to sick child duties…plus not sure I could do on the newly injured ankle but if not Thursday, then should be able to do by the next makeup day. Ankle is improving rapidly…

  22. 55-65-75-85-95*

    *Last 2 PP from BS didn’t quite reach full extension

  23. “Bear”


  24. Bear Complex: 33, 43, 48, 53, 63 (fail on 3rd clean), 58

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