Tuesday, August 30, 2011

5 Rounds For Time of:

3 Muscle ups
6 Forward Rolls (3 L/3 R)
9 Handstand Pushups
12 Pistols (6 L/6 R)

Note: If you are unable to do Muscle Ups, sub 12 pull ups and 12 dips every round. For Muscle Ups, full turn out is RX…anything not turned out is not.

Bar directly overhead, active shoulders, head through, eyes forward, midline stable...Boom!

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  1. Forward rolls huh? Ought to make for an interesting 6am crowd.

  2. AWESOME photo! I’m in court all day and, if they release me early enough, going to a training run for the half marathon.

    • Love the photo!!

  3. Fun WOD today! Lots of mods for me…pullups/dips for MUs, dips with thin red band; HSPUs with toes on black box plus 20K plate (form was terrible); pistols on short box and in some rounds short box with 10K plate. Time: 26:19

    • Paige, we finished this one at the same time if I remember correctly. I had a time of 25:15.

  4. It was fun!
    Dips (tiny blue band) and pullups (big blue band)
    HSPU – toes on a red box
    Pistols – used small box with plate

  5. are these forward rolls or shoulder rolls? I’m assuming they are forward shoulder…

  6. This WOD is perfect!

    9:59 (Rx)

    My goal was sub 10…. Chasing Kelly never hurts

    • You guys are insane – but then again, having MUs would really shorten the time it takes to get through this!

  7. Alternate due to injury.

    5 rounds for time, as fast as possible:
    Swim 144 feet (44 meters)
    20 Abmat Situps

    Looks simple enough but it kicked my behind. I felt sick and shaky by the 4th round. Still feel shaky and a little ill. I guess I’m not used to swimming. Plus I haven’t eaten all day.

  8. Oh, and I like that picture of Joy. Another great one for her collection of bad-ass pictures of herself.

    • Ha! In the photo, I’m MAD at the workout.

      • I distinctly remember taking this pic, and Joy was stone faced the whole time! And I had to take like 5 pics till I got one with full lock out šŸ™‚ go joy!,

  9. Wasted time with bands and gloves after the wod started. Oh well, I was not moving too fast in any case. I need to get my eating-right-drinking-plenty-of-water groove back. [Nutrition is the base…]

    Pull ups w/tiny red & then added teeny orange
    Dips with red
    Rolls were the most fun – Yay, Ninja school!
    HSPUs w/black & red
    Pistols to 12-1/2″ stack

  10. Was bummed that I could do a few MUs in warm ups but got stage fright when the game was on. One MU then all hips to rings and dips. (9 & 12 per round).

    Feet on GHD for HSPU sub.
    Used a skinny white and then a blue band to get through the last 10 dips.

    24:46 or smth.

  11. NOT meant to be a Ninja….major slowing today because of seeing purple spots while rolling and the usual few while on HSPUs

    Did 3 rds + 5 HSPU before mercifully being cut off!

  12. 6 x 400m runs: 1:27/1:31/1:33/1:33/1:37:1:35

    Then 4 x 400m backward runs: 3:16/3:11/3:12/3:17.

    Was supposed to do 6 backward runs but it was getting dark and Van was getting fussy. These were harder than expected and slow. All quads! Did this on the Agnes Scott track.

  13. 24.??
    Almost Rx…had to sub 6 hips to rings + 9 dips for each muscle up. I am right on the brink of getting this move!

    Finally got my HSPU kip. Used two 15k plates w/ an abmat for my head. Dropped down to my head, pulled knees into chest and kicked up while pushing up. Use a lot less strength this way rather than slowly muscling down. Big thank you to David for helping me with this!

    • Definitely want to use the abmat, shirt or pad of some sort. I finally figured out the HSPUs with kip last week but was dropping to my head on just the black rubber to preserve my arms; had a red spot on my head for three days that was quite sore.

  14. Missed this one due to doctor’s visit for ankle injury. Doesn’t appear to be damage to the achiles though so that’s good. On the downside, looks like I might have broke a bone on the other freakin side…not as good.

  15. Made up on Thursday — super fun! love the ninja rolls!


    mods: grn/blk band pullups and dips on red box; pike HSPU; small box pistols

  16. 12:15 RX …only 3 rounds. Michael suggested I stop at 3 rounds since I have been a crossfitter less than 3 months šŸ˜¦

  17. 25:15, pullups (purple band)/dips (baby blue band) for MUs; HSPUs with toes on black box plus 20K plate; pistols on ball elevated with barbells and plate

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