Friday, August 26, 2011

EMOM for 5 minutes– 3 Unbroken Push Presses @ 60%


21 -15 -9 of:
Deadlifts 225/155 lbs
Handstand Push Ups

For time.

Compare to 110215

nuff said

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  1. Poole, your arms are looking jacked! No wonder you got 800-something reps on the Chelsea-ish WOD! Nice!

  2. Hey folks, check out the press on Elevate/Art Above Underground and come see the show tomorrow night! There will be food trucks, drinks, music, performance, and cool art, 5-10 p.m. My piece is visible after dusk, and every evening from now through october.

  3. Funny. When I was at Sadri’s earlier this week, he asked me to help explain to Dr. Cho what “suck it up, buttercup” meant!

    • Oh how I wish I had heard that conversation!

      p.s. I so need one of those shirts.
      p.p.s. I’m booked for a couple of days. See y’all Sunday or Monday.
      p.p.p.s. Come to the party at Underground Atlanta tonight, everybody!

    • FUNNY!

  4. Great time this AM with Erin and the ladies!

    70# for PP

    Diane 154#DL 13/8, 9/6, 9
    And then the problem HSPU with green/black SLOW

  5. Push presses at 42#

    “Diane” in 11:48 with 132 DL and red and red bands. Two minutes slower than Feb but I was happy to get through it and not hurt myself. TGIF! Congrats on your opening, Ruth– see you there!

  6. This log is for you, Erin:

    55# push press

    Diane- 6:38 @ 119# and pike push ups

    Now I’ve got to backtrack and record other workouts.

    • Hooray! Nice to see you post. Now, you gotta continue to post your work!! You’ll thank me later 😉

  7. Push press: 85#


    8:26 (Rx)

    This was my first time doing “Diane” Rx so I’m happy with my time…my first 21 deadlifts were unbroken, the rest in sets of 5

    • Got busy at 8:30 and didn’t get to say congrats. 21UB @225# is awesome. You’re getting stronger dude.

  8. I went light on the DL for Diane because my back is still recovering.

    132 lb DL

    Red an tiny red for HSPU…these continue to be one of my goats. I know its because I am putting my head all the way on the ground…but its still depressing…

    Oh, and I got that shirt at CF Sparta in Tampa, FL
    Every time I wear it, I get comments from random people…its funny!

    • forgot…my time was 14:05
      and I used 66 on the push press

  9. Diane in 12:03? with the new red bands.First set of DLs were UB in under 1 minute and other sets were very broken up. The HSPUs were mostly singles.

  10. 65# push press

    6:18 – 155# deadlift and pike pu’s on a box

    Next time I will use Erin’s suggestion to do pike pu’s on my toes instead of knees to make the movement more difficult and strengthen my shoulders.

  11. Bike Sprints
    4 x .25 mile w/ 60 sec rest Bren sprints

    EMOM for 5 min
    Dumbbell PP x 3, unbroken
    30# left, 15# right

    Swim 10 laps, not for time
    each lap as fast as possible, rest as needed btwn laps

    • That should say “between sets”.

  12. Overhand (as opposed to false grip) MU practice – I got 2.

    Diane Rx 13:21. 3rd day of DLs this week…to save my low back I dropped the bar and did them 1 at a time in sets 2 and 3. HSPUs are improving, slowly but surely.

  13. Bummed after our workout that my time was slower than our last Diane…then realized that I used bands the last time, today I did the HSPU Rx. So, I guess I didn’t do so bad after all!
    Rx 10.??
    Going to start doing my HSPU with the plates and abmat. That way I can drop my head all the way on the ground and kip to get up. Now, I am muscling down and up. If I can learn the smart way of doing this move, I should be able to move through them much faster.

    • Yes, you will do much better with the abmat and plates. Today you had a limited ROM on the HSPUs but next time you will get it.

    • Awesome, Coach Erin! Rx’ing it!

  14. Has anyone else had MIcheal Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” in their heads today?

    • I don’t know if that’s the actual name of the song.

      • Oh yeah; that’s the name…use to love that song

  15. 33# PP

    Diane — 9:30
    DL @ 121# & pike HSPU

  16. 55# PP

    DL #121
    subbed box for HSPU

    Tough week but it’s soooooooooo good to be back:)

  17. 132# PP

    Diane – 10:49 RX (

    HSPU used kipping technique as taught by Michael (yeaaa! no more bands). 225 DL: I broke once on second set – vast majority of time was in HSPUs (well even with Kipping, 45 is tough!)

    • Great job, Bob!

  18. […] to 110826. Strong! Aimee P & Jessica K GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", […]

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