Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rest Day

Learn/play a new sport for at least 1 hour OR make up Mon/Tue/Wed

NOTE: 6:00 pm Skill Class will be Gymnastics & “Silly Human Tricks” you find in CrossFit

Focus...Intention...Action = Awesome

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  1. Josh gettin on it!!!

  2. nice Josh!

  3. NIce pic!

    On another note…I did all the pullups on Wed (150), which I suspect most of you did, but I did not even get close to a rip.
    Please take care of your hands…I work on them at least 4 nights per week…shave off the calloused, dead skin. It might be with a file, a nail clippers, a pumus stone in the shower…whatever! I cover any shaved skin or exposed skin with an over the counter antibiotic cream (like neosporin). It is SO worth not getting any rips on the hands 🙂

  4. Went in at 8:30 for a short metcon with christin and kelly just to get my blood flowing

    3 rounds:
    40 double unders
    30 box jumps(24″)
    20 GHD’s


  5. I am all about silly human tricks and can’t wait.

  6. Came in this morning and Kelly let me do “Cindy” instead of the Chelsea-but-not misery of yesterday. I finished 13 rounds plus 5 pullups and 8 pushups, which I thought was a PR but sadly it wasn’t. In February I got 14 rounds even. Today I ran 3 miles first, though.

  7. Made up DT
    #53 (yay for my welcome back weight)
    great job chris!

    Stayed for skills class, very fun and informative.
    One day really soon, I’ll string some double
    unders together 🙂

  8. Thanks, Michael, for the how-to on rings, handstands, rolls and more.
    First double-under for me, after your fab instructions. Now, to put a few together. Nice to meet Terri, Sara, Shannon, Joy and the p.m. guys.

    • Great to meet you, too, Sue, and congrats on the DU and handstand kick up!

    • 1st skill class, 1st double under…pretty fine work!! 😉

  9. My wod today:
    Wearing 10# vest:
    8 Rounds For Time:
    15 squat jumps
    25m underwater swim from dive
    30 second vertical kick with hands out of water (you are submerged and hands above surface as you kick)
    25 m sprint kick

    My lung capacity sucks. 24:34

  10. Took my second run at Christine:
    3 rounds of:

    500M row;
    12 BW DL
    21 Box Jumps

    for a time of 10:20. I need to cut 27 seconds to make the board. I think that’s doable on fresh legs… I’ll give it another go in a week or two.

  11. Went to Skills session and enjoyed trying the tripod and getting vertical briefly before rolling down. And I can never get enough Double Under coaching. Thanks, Michael– it was informative and fun!

  12. Went to skills class. I swear I’ll get that pike out of my DU soon!

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