Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 minutes to find max rep pistols (each leg)

Note: If you do not have pistols yet, do pistol practice, rolling pistols, pole-hold pistols, banded pistols off the GHD machines, pistols on a box, etc.


EMOM For 30 Minutes:
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

For total reps.

Note: If you don’t get through all reps of each exercise in the minute, you must start over at the start (e.g., pull-ups) at beginning of next minute.

We all LOVE sea lions!!

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  1. …before someone asks, EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute 😉

    • I’m just happy you guys are posting the WOD before 11 pm…so I know what to dream about.

  2. If ya’ll don’t follow drywall crossfit, you should…hilarious!

    • P.S. I’m gonna love this wod…made for me – LOL!

  3. Great crew this AM.

    Pistols smth like 12L and 9R (r on a box)

    EMOM – 488 reps. 5 hand rips. Rx

    • Definateky count the rips!!! Those are legitimate!
      Welcome back this week bra!!

  4. Pistols: 6 left, 16 right (Rx)

    This was my first left leg pistol Rx!

    810 reps (Rx)

    • Fantastic, David! And congrats on your left leg’s progress!

      • Thanks joy!

  5. Pistols 5 and 5.
    Reps: 267 with the blue band for pullups.
    This was super tough for me.

  6. Pistols
    7 left, 6 right (my previous PR was 4 per leg) rx

    876 reps rx

    • Wowie kazowie!! Did I spell that right?

    • Holy CRAP!

    • That is simply amazing!

    • WOW!

  7. I do not like “Chelsea”!
    343 reps, green and blue bands for pull ups. Tough!

    10 pistols left leg, only 4 on right, bad knee, all on box

  8. I’m taking a few days to let my back and arm recover. I did 24 minutes of old fashioned cardio. 12 min walking on treadmill uphill at fast pace ( can’t run due to plantar fasciitis) followed by 12 minutes uphill on bike. The most boring 24 minutes of my life! Then I did 3 rounds of 10 KTE on a bench and 10 burpees. Wanted to include dumbbell swings but this bothered my back.

    • Good job getting active despite the injury! That’s a significant amount of work.

    • Yeah, I’m impressed…its SO hard to do that boring sort of stuff!!

  9. I’m going for a run with my new friends from Team in Training this evening. Considering that Chelsea doesn’t even like “Chelsea,” I’ll have to see about making it up tomorrow. 😉

    Speaking of Team in Training (and my upcoming half marathon for cancer research), a couple of you asked me to post a link so you can help me reach my fundraising goal. Yay!!

    And thanks so much to those of you who have made donations already. YOU ARE THE BEST! xoxo

    Here’s the link:

  10. Poole and David killed this one at the 8:30. Nice work.
    Not a fan of this WOD, which actually IS NOT Chelsea. Chelsea should be stopped when you can no longer stay on task within the minute.
    Instead this version of Chelsea quickly becomes all pullups and pushups, no squats for those who can’t get all 30 reps done in under a minute.
    400-something reps RXd. Two beautiful hand tears later.

    • Chelsea’s evil sister – Hell-see!!

      • Maybe we should call this one “CHRISTIN” – LOL!!!!

    • yup…good catch 🙂 …one might note our reluctance to label this one “chelsea” offcially on the blog…it was just done on the white board for general reference (maybe and because we like our own Chelsea so much 🙂 ) but our version is def scored waaay differently. yet, one might derive their official “chelsea” score from this more Robust version 😉 (did I really just use 3 smiley faces in the same post…oh yes…I did)

  11. Another day I am glad I can’t use my hands.

    3 rounds wearing 10# vest:
    400 m run
    21 burpees dropping onto forearms instead of hands.
    13:58. Hard.

    • Yeesh…dropping onto forearms…with a 10# vest….impressive!
      and YES, 30 min of pullups, pushups and squats is quite tiring!

  12. Putting it out there publicly that I am making this one up tomorrow. That way I can’t get out of it. Today has gotten consumed by dog duty plus wrecked car, plus rental car plus work-related shopping plus all manner of other stuff.

    • Definitely come in tomorrow and do something, Ruth! Yes, you can’t get out of it now!! Sorry about the wrecked car…

  13. Today was very discouraging, coming back after 6 weeks off is hard. This WOD basically became lots of pullups for me. I continued to do the work and that’s what counts.

    173 reps UGH!

    • You got it 100% right – you kept doing the work an that’s what counts.

    • Way to stick with it, Jen. This was a torturous one!

    • well done & welcome back!!

  14. Pistol practice difficult. Held onto band and lowered to 12″ stack. Got 2 consecutive each leg.

    WOD was mental endurance test – wanted to quit about a third into it. Arm still messed up so I used a new red band on pull ups and landed on a tall box which was also saving the arm.

    • You are awesome for staying in it, Joy. Hey! All of you who didn’t quit today: YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

      I’m making this up tomorrow. And I’m NOT quitting. No one can make me quit. I won’t do it!

      • Do. Not. Quit. Terri. 🙂 But use lots of band on the pull ups and don’t waste time writing down reps. Plan your shorthand for keeping track on the paper quickly!

  15. ewww sea lions!

    not much energy today…
    pistols while holding onto the pole — 10R 8L
    366 with increasing bands as the workout progressed.

  16. Not sure I did this one legally. By round 8 I went two rounds on one round off. It seemed to work for me since the round off gave me a chance to get to squats on the two I attempted – and that was were the points were. Plus no hand tears since not doing constant pull ups.

    495 rx

  17. Wont talk about pistols…I have 5 on the board but I’d be more satisfied with a single good one unassisted.

    583RX for Chelsea.

    Implemented same “strategy” as Bryan. After round 8, when I couldn’t get through the pushups fast enough anymore….I slowed down for a couple of rounds doing only 2 to 5 pushups allowing me to rest a bit then followed with an all-out round that would get me through the pushups to perform all or most all of the squats for one round. Squats are definitely were the easy points are….IF you can get to them!

  18. 5 per leg, red-band assisted
    602 Rx
    This was surprisingly brutal.

  19. pistols: 15 per leg with thick band

    WOD: 397 reps purple band (and added baby band at some point I think)

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