Tuesday, August 23, 2011

“DT “

5 Rounds For Time of:
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Jerks

Men’s weight: 155# Women’s weight: 105#

Lift heavy stuff...get STRONG! (rinse & repeat)

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  1. For the record: DT is my FAVORITE WOD. Also, this new gym is flabbergasted at my RXing of the workouts. They just don’t understand…it’s where I come from. Miss you guys!

    • we miss you too…come back here you crazy RXing thing you! 🙂 (love that word flabbergasted btw)

  2. Cait has become a CrossFit celebrity!

    About our discussion at the 6 p.m. session yesterday about the origins of CrossFit and why my new CF shirt says 1974: http://shopcrossfitreebok.com/crossfit-1974

    • I was wearing my new shirt (twins’) yesterday at Sadris and he was questioning the 1974. Thanks for clearing it up!

    • Yay, Cait, way to show ’em!

      I love knowing the 1974 story — I actually sent a comment to the store expressing dismay that they had chosen a random ‘vintage’ number that had nothing to do with CrossFit — guess they realized they had to get the word out! Reebok is alright!

      • wait…why am i a celebrity? I will tell you though, i am on their website 2 weeks in a row! oot oot! Actually, they posted it because my shirt says “I love Jocks” but the rings are covering the “J”…so jokes on me.


        On August 18th & 22nd blogs.

        • Hey – did you feel the earthquake?

          • yes. it was crazy! Never felt that before.

        • You look great in that jocks-pic! Still my inspiration for saying f-no to sugar!
          Dude, was that guy yawning in that picture?! How rude!

          • He was yawning! He is a coach, we were waiting on everyone to get their equipment set up.

  3. Alt WOD due to injury:

    Tabata Mashup of air squats, situps, and pushups. That’s 8 Tabata rounds of these three movements each round. Total reps: 248

    • That WOD sounds really fun.

  4. That was fun – NOT. My forearms are still shaking.
    Improvement from 2 years ago:
    Then: 18:56 @ 132lbs
    Now: 19:36 @ RX

    HPC were the worst. I am proud that my first round took 1:30.

  5. My first Rx DT…a bittersweet 24:41

    • Heavy!! Go all you Rxers!!

  6. DT
    I used 87 lbs

    Back is still a bit touchy so I’m glad I didn’t go any heavier.

  7. Love these heavy workouts!
    Rx 18.34
    Great group today at noon!! We were all groaning and yelling through this one!

    • Don’t know why, but heavy cleans make me yell UPPPPP!!!! Telling myself to get the bar up. SO glad I was not the only one yelling.

      • I have to make a noise with every clean, so I was glad to hear you, too!!

  8. Hey guys, can you please give us the “compare to” links when you post these WODs? Thanks!

  9. This was what I needed today both mentally and physically!!

    13:16 at 87# (4/8/2010 25:35 with same weight)!!!!!

    • Fantastic improvement, Meeks!

  10. Felt like such a wimp seeing people move actual HEAVY weight today. But I honestly didn’t want to mess up my aching arm any further. Maybe I should have done an alt wod like Pat. At any rate, it was a workout!
    “DT” 55# in 9:00

  11. I couldn’t make it in tonight due to having 3 kiddos. But Parker and I did a workout at home thanks to Kelly….

    Me: 21-15-9 KB Swings 35# 6:28 THEN 150 air squats in 4:30

    Parker: 21-15-9 Box Hops aka front porch steps, push ups & jumping jacks 🙂

  12. Yay wifey!!
    DT RX OUCH!!

    Uuppppppp! 🙂

  13. This. Was. So. Hard. Lots of screaming.

    18:04 with 65#

    My last DT was 16:49 with 55#. It’s amazing how heavy 10# can be.

  14. 16:48 110#

  15. 15:52 w/ 71#. Wish I had gone heavier. Did 9 HSPU w/ 2 ab mats instead of jerks. Good WOD.

  16. Today’s WOD:
    Row 1000
    21 Thrusters 55#
    15 pullups
    Rest 2 mins
    Row 750
    18 Thrusters
    12 pullups
    Rest 2 mins
    Row 500
    15 Thrusters
    9 pullupus

    With rest subtracted: 19:??

  17. 18:28 @ 87#
    HPCs got harder and harder each round. :/
    Thanks to Kelly for coaching me to “just push UUUUuuuUUupPpppp!!” Thanks Man and thanks to today’s 8:30 crew for cheering me on at the end!

  18. 15:14 77#

  19. “DT” 5 Rounds of:
    12 Deadlifts
    9 Hang Power Cleans
    6 Jerks
    time 20:30
    Couldn’t RX due to inability to hang clean 155 – had to drop to 132 lbs (must improve technique).
    Deadlifts and Jerks were easy and probably consumned no more than 4 minutes of the 20:30 so this time is reflective of my poor HPC form – generally no more than 3 cleans at a time.

  20. 17:17 at 60lbs.

  21. 17:09 at 110lbs.

  22. 10:30 @ 55#

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