Monday, August 22, 2011

10 minutes Skin-the-cat practice. If skin-the-cat is easy, practice Ice-cream Makers.


3 Rounds For Time of:
10 C2B Pull up
10 Front Squat (165#/115#)
10 Burpees

Ice Cream Maker (ring exercise) from CrossFit Rx on Vimeo.

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  1. Ahhh…the old gym πŸ™‚ been a fun ride!!!! This’ll be a fun day fo sho!!

  2. Do we have a policy pertaining to posting pictures and videos of people working out? I took a bunch of video of Double Fran last week but I don’t know if anyone would have a problem with me posting it at any/all of these people: here, FB, Vimeo or Youtube.

    • I don’t think we have any policies, Dr. Poole. πŸ˜‰

    • I say post em!!!

    • Post a link but please don’t do any FB tagging, thanks.

  3. i don’t see any ice cream in that video at all. fail. πŸ™‚

  4. You can make the ice cream, but don’t eat it!!! =) Have fun guys!

    • This Ice cream maker was making ice cream with coconut milk and honey….if memory serves me correct πŸ™‚

      • acceptable.

  5. Congrats to Preston on his 1st, 2nd, and 3rd muscle up!!!!!(non-false grip)

    Metcon: 12:13 with 154# FS and hips to rings

    Started Rx and got my first 8 FS at 165, but had to drop down because I was having trouble cleaning the weight fatigued. Oh well, next time

  6. Fun day…fun WOD! Nice to see everyone get upside down!
    WOD was RX plus hips to rings for c2b. 8:31 I think….front equate sere heavy as usual, can’t wait to see Coach Mike come in here and do sub 5!

  7. “squats were”

  8. HOLY SMOKES, YOU ARE SO HOT!!! Looking forward to doing this workout today πŸ™‚

    • like, like, like

  9. This WOD should be called ‘ERIN’…that girl was all over this and then some :)!!

    it was tough for me… RX + hips to rings, which were a fun alt to C2B. 11:??

    • Yeah, Erin killed it!

      I only used 87 lbs (my back is still bothering me) and did the rings to hips. Definitely need to keep working on this movement.

      Trish I think you finished a few seconds before me and you a great job yourself!

    • That has a lovely ring to it, Trish.

      This was a perfect welcome home for me.
      I thought the skin-the-cat would be impossible but it felt great! And I very much enjoyed the C2B alternative, hips-to-rings. Excellent move. Love playing on those rings.

      8.15 Rx + hips-to-rings (oh, and I miscalculated my weight…ended up doing 120lb)

      • Wow, Erin. I knew if I did about half the weight you did, that’d be alright for me. Way to go!!

  10. Great group at 8:30am! Everyone did an awesome job on getting inverted! And big congrats to Preston on his Muscle-up(s).

    Tough WOD. 10# from RX. Cleaning 115 would have been an issue since it’s my 1RM. so used 105#, 11:??

    • You 8:30ers are the very best. Thanks, from this newbie, for your earnest encouragement, your sassy support and your helpful hints. Kelly and Christine: you guys are inspiring and know your biz. Sue

  11. Erin destroyed this one. Me not so much. Again, I stupidly though – Oh, this doesn’t look too bad.

    16:33 RX +hips to rings

    I will admit that starting in Round 2 I was probably a few inches from hips to rings.

    • OH – I was able to skin the cat. But my ice cream turned into cottage cheese

      • lol!

  12. I got some ice cream, but you can’t have none; I got some ice cream, but you can’t have none.

  13. Kelly, it would be a lot cooler if you did all videos in a red leather jump suit.

  14. Kelly and Bob managed to get me inverted on the rings (it takes a village). It brought tears to my eyes. Literally. Second attempt was less terrifying. Thanks, Kelly.

    115# FS with a rack due to injury
    my blue band for CTB

    My arm is better, and I’m hoping the CTB wasn’t too much for it. Seems ok. But the back injury seems more pissed off after doing the front squats. 😦 Even the burpees aggravated my back. I’ll ice it and rest it and hope that does the trick. I’m seeing the foot doctor on Thursday about my heel that will not heal.

    • Yeah – way to conquer your fears

  15. First time back in a REALLY LONG TIME. It felt great! I go mental when I think about being upside down, thanks to kelly I did it twice on the rings πŸ™‚

    CTB big and little blue band
    #55 squats easy and unbroken
    Thanks for letting me go light on my first day back, I’ll probably be able
    to play soccer tomorrow thanks to the light back squat weight!

  16. Great job, Pat, despite those injuries! Hope your heel heals and your arm stays better and your back stops being mad soon.

    Welcome back Jen!! It was fun to see you tonight!

    I was shocked to get upside down 3 times tonight. Thanks Kelly and Trish for your help! Hope to be able to do this on my own before too long.

    Pulled a muscle running on Saturday, so I did push press instead of front squats. 13:31 with 54#, red and tiny for C2B.

    • Great to see you terri, it’s always fun when your around!

  17. Fun crew tonight.
    I did CTB pull-ups (last few each round a little short)- slow but overall pleased
    77# on FS- really wanted to concentrate on staying upright at the bottom. each round broken 6 + 4– it took lots of focus to stay upright

    13:40 ish

  18. Enjoyed the 6 pm crowd. Sheryl, I thought you were coming not going– you looked too fresh to have worked out! πŸ™‚

    Could do skin the cat except needed assist getting vertical

    65# fs; lavender & tiny red for ctb

  19. Wow, everyone did so much good stuff today! I am posting my last 3 days because I haven’t posted the last few days.

    Today: Ran 4 miles wearing 10# weight vest pushing the baby jogger loaded with Van’s car seat (but not Van) and an 11# encylopedia. It was not that bad until the last mile, which really sucked. Time: 36:45 (9:11 pace)

    Yesterday: Was supposed to do underwater sprints w/ 10 pound vest but the pool was closed due to “fecal contamination.” πŸ™‚ Did mini flight simulator of DUs and I am so bad at them right now that it took me 272 DUs and I never even made it to 25 unbroken DUs. But it was such good practice that I didn’t care. I know they’ll be better next time I try. Oh, and I was wearing the 10# vest while doing them. Then I did 30 superman-bananas with the vest on.

    Saturday: 12×50 m sprints wearing 10 pound vest. All were either 9 or 10 seconds. Swam 800 m wearing 10 pound vest.

    That’s what I’ve been up to!

    • oops, forgot to add 100 butterfly situps on today’s wod.

      • Whoa whoa what’s a superman-banana?!?!? That sounds more fun than the ice maker!!! πŸ˜€

        • Per Michael: get into hollow-body position, then without using your hands, roll over onto your belly, keeping hands and feet off the ground into β€œsuperman” position, then roll back, to complete 1 rep.Β 
          They were challenging but fun!


  20. Was able to get inverted with the help of Kelly and Bob — pretty fun!

    C2B: big tan/tiny blue band
    FS: 77#


  21. Felt great to be at Rx today!

    Skin the cats are a mental, more than physical, challenge for me — don’t like being off the ground and don’t like being inverted, so the combo is bleck. BUT, I got up there twice with Kelly’s help. Thanks Kelly!

    10:3X on the WOD. 99# FS, all unbroken, but it was plenty heavy enough for my current fitness level. Nice meeting the (not so?) new folks!

  22. Skinning the kitty wasn’t bad…I’ll work on coming off the rings with straight arms and body; My ice cream maker seemed a little warped but it was there…sorta.

    10 Chest to bar
    10 front squat at 176 (because I can’t add properly, not because I was motivated or anything)
    10 Burpees

    The vast bulk of my time was spent on the clean portion; had several failed attempts to get the weight into the rack position on first attempt.

  23. 10:16, 77# front squat, band(s) but can’t remember color(s)

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