Friday, August 19, 2011

(a) Sign up for “Survival of the Fittest” Competition online.

(b) Come to the gym and complete:

10 minutes to find 1 RM Snatch


5 sets x 3 Reps Clean, weight increasing per set


Tabata Toes-To-Bar (4 minutes: 20 sec. work, 10 sec. rest)

NOTE: Full Range of Motion is HIGHLY encouraged for these lifts (e.g. ditch your ego, get strong, & receive the bar in a FULL SQUAT).

Nice PR Coach!! And Welcome Deacon Nielsen 🙂

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  1. 1 RM snatch: 132# (PR)

    Squat cleans:
    132 x 3
    142 x 3
    154 x 3
    164 x 3
    171 x 1 (PR)

    Tabata T2B: 63 reps (Rx)

  2. As encouraged, I did all squat snatches.
    1RM Squat Snatch, 95#. PR by 7 pounds. MY 1RM power snatch is 101. I’m certain I could have done more than 101 today if I had done power snatches, but I need to work the squat, so that’s what I did.

    Skipped the cleans because it induced pain in my right arm even at a warmup weight.

    Tabata GHD Situps:
    63 Total

  3. It was a good day.
    1RM Snatch – 174 (10lb PR)
    3X5 Clean – 204 (no record of doing so a PR)
    T2B – 41

    • Good enough for #1!!! where you at Gene and Reggie??!!

    • It WAS a good day. Fantastic job!! Really fun to watch!

  4. There’s the wrinkly baby boy athlete and his beautiful mom!! Sweet!!

    1 RM snatch: 50 | PR of 6#

    5 x 3 cleans: 65, 70, 75 x 2, 70, 70 [previous 1RM = 81]

    Tabata toes toward bar: 53

  5. 3 rep Clean PR today. 110. Didn’t put the bar down or re-grip. I struggled with 110 in the Games Open WOD. Yay. A good day.

    • 🙂

  6. I LOVE that picture of Laura and Deacon!

    Today I was supposed to run 6 miles with my 10 pound weight vest on. If I really wanted to accomplish that, I should have done it at the crack of dawn. Instead, I set out at 1:30 pm. I ran 4.7 miles in 43:18 (9:12 pace) and then gave up and walked home. My traps were killing me. Glad that’s over!

    Though I didn’t do the first part of today’s wod RX, I will have no trouble with part 2,which is a professional massage. My fave massage therapist is on her way to my house right now!

  7. 1rm snatch

    5×3 cleans
    97#PR this beats my 1RM clean

    45 RX

  8. Welcome Deacon!

    Mind and body reset today.


    154 Snatch
    Clean practice, (pr on technique)
    49 tabata

    Overall a tough week for me.

    • Double fran’ll do that 🙂 well done though!!

    • *LIKE* ! (especially that PR on technique…seriously, your triple extension/second pull was spot on)

  9. Welcome baby Deacon!

    57# snatch
    55 – 65 – 70 – 75 – 77 cleans
    58 (7) Tabata (knees as high as I could go)

  10. Good stuff

  11. 1 RM snatch: 63#

    5×3 cleans: up to 83#

    Tabata toes to bar: 36 reps (toes didn’t make it to bar most of the time)

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