Wednesday, August 17, 2011

“Double Fran”


Thrusters (95#/65#)
Pull Ups

For time.

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  1. Yay!!!

  2. seriously? seriously? who thought of this evil wod???

  3. Kelly, you can’t possibly think that your “yay!!” was going to start a thread of equal excitement. =)

    Glad I’m in VA for this one!! =)

  4. Went with 55# thrusters since it was double trouble today. Last “Fran” in January was 13:41 with Rx thrusters and tiny band for pullups. Fran I today was about 9:30 with 55# thrusters and Rx pullups. (I was excited to kinda, sorta get a sub-10 min Fran.) Added a red band about halfway through the first set of Fran II. Total time: 21:48.

  5. Ah…now this looks right up my alley. I’m rather excited to get there and get started.

  6. Wow!

    I’m was happy just getting through this WOD…

    18:42 (Rx)

  7. OK, I’ll quit complaining now that its over – lol!

    20:57 rx

    First Fran was about a two minute PR for me at 8:41, my thrusters are getting much better!
    For second Fran, I broke all of the thrusters in groups of three and that seemed to work pretty well for me.

    • Your thrusters looked PERFECT today! You’ve come a long way on them. Great job, Poole!!

      • Thanks! You were very encouraging, even though I didn’t acknowledge you at the time – lol!

  8. I just paid attention to the rep scheme. So it’s like Fresh Fran immediately followed by Tired Fran.

    • lol…good job joy!!

      • I didn’t do it yet, Cait! Just contemplating…

    • 20:25 I think I paced pretty well, so it wasn’t like Fresh/Tired. Just plodded through with probably too many breaks. I did PR on the first Fran I think at a sub-9. But I was going light at 44# (arm injuries). Pull ups with new red. Big props to those who RX’d this one and to those who gave it their all at whatever scaling!!

  9. Fran. One of my most hated workouts, second only to the Filthy 50. Hey, you know what I hate twice as much as Fran?


    Seriously considered 1) not showing up today 2) telling Kelly to suck it after the first Fran and quitting 3) crying.

    31:17 at 38#, which is 5# less than my regular Fran. Pull ups for the first Fran with red band, most of the second Fran with red and tiny. No crying.

    In better news, I got another double-kipping unassisted pull up today! Apparently I can do one of these only every few days.

    • See? I’m not the only one complaining – LOL!

      Congrats on the pullup!!

    • i’m so glad you were there today. double fran 😦 yuck! but you did an awesome job!

      • Yay to all of us who persevered in the face of the evil Fran Fran! We are the awesomest!

        And godspeed to the evening classes. May you kick Fran Fran’s ass ass!!

        • You are awesome, T! Great job sticking with it and getting more pull ups!

  10. Yes this one sucked. On the positive my pullups feel better and I only popped one blister. And on Fran 2’s thrusters I kept a good pace of 5 thrusters then rest. Downside – all my rests are to long.

    RX -25 something.

  11. First time doing any kind of Fran…decided to go lower than Rx on thrusters since it was x2 –53#. I switched to hanging squat cleans during Fran II because I was feeling a weird twitch/spasm in my arm on the thrusters. Pullups w/ green + black.


    Good job fellow noon crossfitters!

  12. MOD WOD: 55# hang squat cleans for thrusters and burpees for pullups during the first fran and row for cal during the second. 23:?? HARD. But I feel awesome after doing it!

    Also got 2 real pullups in a row today!

    • YAY for pullups!!

    • 🙂

    • Sweet!!

  13. I can totally see David, Kelly and Michael trying this…

    • I’d give a shot…… but if Khalipa can’t do it, I’m not sure who could

    • ahhhh, ninja skills!! we gotta get some of those bars… 🙂

      • yep, thats’ exactly what I was thinking…lol!!

  14. i almost didn’t come in today but i’m glad i did it now. i was more worried about getting some bad blisters.

    fran #1
    55#, unasstd pullups

    fran #2
    43#, red band then added tiny blue half way through

    32:37 maybe i should have modified the work out more before i started.

    • you did a great job! I was jealous of your pullups!

  15. Sucked. Times two.
    23:37 Rx

  16. SDLP 3×3 at 85#
    Row for 20 minutes (4000 meters)

  17. Soooo glad I can’t use my hands today.

    Wearing a 10 pound vest:
    Run 400 m x 3: 1:44/1:44/1:47
    Then 50 box jumps on 24″box+25kg plate
    Run 400 m x 3: 1:56/1:57/1:55

    Then practiced pistols for 10 min. Used to be able to do them, now I can’t.

    • how you liking that lovely vest? i left mine at the gym so we can compare 😉

      • Love my vest for the most part. It is really nice. But it has some plastic wirey things that stick out on thus sides that scratch my arms and legs. I need to fix that, and then it will be perfect.

        • what color is it? mine is bright yellow so moving vehicles will notice me after i collapse in the road

          • mine is black and gray….so nobody will see me and they will run right over me!

  18. Only had access to 40# dumbbells tonight @ the dojo, so we’ll call it “Double Frumbbell” 🙂 1st Frumbbell in 5:05 which felt slow (only becaue I knew I was holding back & saving energy for the next dose) and both together in 12:14…neither a PR nor RX (unless your Pat Sherwood who likes DB’s) but on the bright side, no Fran cough (yet)…

  19. Double Fran: 22:57, 45# thrusters, black band for pull-ups

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