Tuesday, August 16, 2011

40 KB snatches (20 R/20 L alternating arms @ 55#/35#)

Note: there will be a 15 minute cutoff.


“Death By Ten Meters”

Run 10 Meters on the First Minute
20 Meters on the Second Minute
30 Meters on the Third Minute
40 Meters on the Fourth Minute…
And so on, until the meters cannot be completed.

...fall down 99 times...get up 100...

Post Scores to Comments.

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  1. Kelly lied….lol! I didn’t use a mat for the sit to stand and I have a huge raspberry on my left cheek – OUCH!

    Jury duty tomorrow…hoping to get dismissed early enough to make the noon or 4 pm class….arg!

    • maybe you can get out of jury duty because of baboon butt. explain THAT to the judge.

      • Baboon butt. Hahahahaha!

        p.s. Kelly doesn’t get baboon butt because he is made of rubber (with a steel core, so he can deadlift 425 pounds).

        p.p.s. Run!! Fun!!

        p.p.p.s. Another great picture today!

  2. Did snatches with 20# dumbbell. Could maybe have done 25#. Sprints: completed 12, almost 13 rounds.


    You know how Michael keeps saying we need a goal outside of CrossFit? Well, I’ve just set one. I’m going to run/walk (or simply run, if my training goes extremely well) a half marathon November 5 to raise money to fight cancer.


    Can you guys help?? I’m going to need the following:
    1. Encouragement (lots)
    2. Donations (lots of little ones)

    Here’s my fundraising page. Heavens.


    • …don’t think i’ve ever WOOTed on the blog before today, so here goes: WOOT! 🙂

      • Awesome! You can do this.

  4. Kb snatches (Rx)

    “death by 10 meters”

    21 rounds

    Tough WOD

    • Yeah, tough if you can do 21 rounds of sprints! Jeez…

    • Unreal!

  5. KB snatches w/ 20 lb KB.
    Still babying my shoulders. Once I got the move down, realized I should have gone heavier.

    15 rounds on DBTM. Congrats to Miguel for outlasting the rest of us and just missing 16 rounds.

  6. 30#
    19 or 20? Rounds of Sprints. Note: We did them differently from the 6:30am. Kelly marked off 10m increments in the alley. I’d like to repeat this and do them suicide style (touch the line at 10m and back) just for kicks…but not today. 🙂

    • Very nice, Christin! I saw YouTube videos of the suicide style running. I have to make this up Thurs. Does anyone else need to make it up and if so, what time?

      • I’m making them up Thursday — either 5pm or 6pm depending when I get out of clinic

  7. Rx kb snatch
    12 almost 13 rds
    Brittney & I followed this w walking lunges to the dumpster and back…left the gym w a nice sore tush.

  8. This was fun!! Used #15 KB for the snatches.

    Ran 13 rounds, which didn’t suck until the last two. My last sprint was actually a jog.

    It was hilarious to try to keep up with Trish and Harold, who run at the speed of light. Or maybe sound. Which is faster?

    Dr. Poole: Hope your hamstring is OK. You were smart to take care of it.

    • Yeah, I DNFed this one…I have pulled hamstring in the past and been out six weeks so I stopped after 3 and stretched and used the foam roller…fun to watch the rest of you 🙂

  9. RX for the kbs (can tell I’m getting better due to the reduced size of the hematoma on my forearm)

    Did the row substitute – 2 calories per 10 meter for 13 rounds.

  10. 25# KB for left arm
    15# KB for right arm

    Subbed Burpee Ladder for sprints (1 burpee the 1st min, 2 the 2nd, and so on).
    Made it thru the 9th minute with 9 burpees. Got 9 burpees in the 10th minute.

  11. Fun day!
    Funny Terri!
    Nice job shuttle runners!
    Jessica A 1st pullup!
    23rds and RX KB’s!
    Late blog so noone will probably even read this!!!
    Yay again!

  12. Made up on Thursday – 19 Rounds and it was hot out.

  13. 15 + rounds so close to getting 16 but started the run late. i want to try this again.

  14. 13. Should have pushed myself for 14.

    skills workshop:
    C&J ladder: 53# 7rds + 6

  15. 20# kb snatches, 15 rds

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