Monday, August 15, 2011

21 – 18 – 15 – 12 – 9 – 6 -3
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95#/65#)
Sit to Stand

Note : Sit to stand is this: from a standing position, lie down on your back. Then do a big sit up and use the momentum to carry you up to a standing position. Crossing your legs on the way up is scaling.

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  1. I often regret it when I post this sentiment, but here goes anyway … This one looks like fun!!

    p.s. Steltens!

  2. Why is Erica giving that cute little baby the stink eye??

    • That’s her “you’re so cute I can’t stand it” look.

  3. Great WOD!

    Metcon: 12:55 (Rx)

    • Correction: 11:55

  4. 13.14 Rx
    I love that picture.

  5. Didn’t read the fine print and crossed my legs. Not sure I couldve done it otherwise. Using your hands to sit up should be scaled too! SDLHPs at 65 were cake. 13:08.

    • Oops 13:05. 🙂

    • It is…at least that’s what were told at noon!

  6. I’m too old to be throwing my body around. But I did it. SDLHPs were no problem. But I watched Erin and David sail away from me on the sit to stand things

    RX – 15:55

  7. Old? You’re not old 🙂
    Nice job nooners!! And a special congrats to Lindel for her first RX workout!!

  8. I loved this wod, especially the sit to stand thingys!

    11:03 rx

    Congrats Lindel!

    • See, I told you that you’d love this one. Damn you pistol people. Killer time, Poole!

  9. Didn’t like this one….V-Ups slow because of muscle fatigue so left feeling like my abs were tired and the rest of me hadn’t worked out much.

    SDLHP easy at 65#
    sit to stand—initially tried these even though I know better and popped my knee on number 5. Went to V-ups…right at 13 minutes

    Congrats Lindel!

    I’m headed to Maine tomorrow for a few days of R and R…see y’all next week!

    • Just got back from Maine last week – have an excellent time!!

  10. 15:01
    subbed v-ups because my sit to stand’s were very embarrassing 🙂

  11. Thanks guys! 😀



    • Nice!!!

  12. I didn’t understand the sit-to-stands at all. I could only do them using one hand, so I switched hands every time. SDHPs @ 60#. Time: 15:38?

  13. 18:54 RX

  14. I tried sit-to-stands last night at home and couldn’t do them and didn’t think I’d be able to today. But with the mat it was much easier so once I got the hang of it, I liked it and could do them all rx. SDLHPs were another story– 65# was a bit much for me and even 55# was bothering my shoulder. I subbed rowing for calories. 18:16.

  15. Rowed for calories instead of SDLHPs. I still HATE rowing but I’m glad I worked on it. Apparently skipping the WOD every time rowing comes up is not an effective way of getting better. The sit to stands were RX. I like them.


  16. What a dork I am! I am blowing bubbles at Van. It makes him smile…sometime.

    Forgot to post yesterday – ran 5K in 47:10 (9:26 pace). It was brutal. So hard. I walked 3 times for 30 seconds each. I was supposed to do max distance broad jump and max height box jump but didn’t have access to the gym since I did my run at 6pm. Sorry, Michael!

    Loved today’s WOD. Did zombie FS @ 55# instead of SDHP. I liked the sit-to-stands and did them RX. Time was 15:16. Did the workout with my new, very awesome Ironwear Fitness vest w/ 10 pounds. I have a feeling I am not going to be nearly as excited about it by Sunday since I have to wear it for every workout this week!

    • Its a cute pic no matter what!

      And awesome for you for doing wods with a vest 🙂

    • Love this pic! Oh the things we do to get a smile from our kids!
      And WOW on the sit-to-stand with a vest!

  17. OK, so this was fun! In that CrossFitty way. Wanted to do it Rx, but when I got to about 8 pulls, I realized I’d be there all day at that weight, so I dropped to 55#. And they still were a struggle.

    The sit-to-stands were all Rx! I think being tall might help with those.


    • That’s great, Terri!

    • WAY TO GO!!!!

  18. 15:03, 55#

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