Friday, August 12, 2011

Run 800 m
  Wall Balls (20/14)
   Kettlebell Swings (70/53…or 2 pood/1.5 pood)
Run 800 m

For total time.

Everbody come out this Saturday night @ 7:00!

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  1. 13:47
    10# wb to 8 ft
    35# kb

  2. I’m probably the last to notice this, but have y’all been to the CrossFit HQ online store lately? Heavens.

    My first reaction was Holy Eff what the hell oh no oh no! Then I noticed that all the models are athletes instead of the usual starving weaklings. Awesome. And then I noticed that some of the T-shirts are seriously cute.

    p.s. Ruth and I are heading out of town today. See you Sunday.
    p.p.s. I’m buying a shirt, and I don’t care who hates Reebok.

    • I want a thorsdottir shirt, but I am seriously betting the womens shirts would never fit me.

    • A hundred bucks for a freakin’ hoodie???? Are they on endorphines?

  3. Went heavier than usual for me with 44 lb swings and 14 lb ball. Time: 15:59

  4. Metcon: 14:14 (Rx)

    I know I could have gone faster on this WOD…..oh well

    • I think you were moving pretty damn well considering you weren’t feeling well earlier this week.
      14.15 Rx

  5. Lordy, lordy Jessica K ain’t 40, but turning Dirty 30! Don’t forget her party is tomorrow, Saturday night!
    Time: 8:30pm – Sunday at 3:00am
    Location: 1102 Chatsworth Drive, Avondale Estates, GA 30002
    More info: Celebrate Jessica turning 30 with drinks and check out the new house and party like 30 is going out of style!
    The catch: Bring a bottle of wine or beer to help celebrate and stock our new home’s “bar” (Well, the bar…we’re working on, c’mon we just moved!)
    There will be food that will pair well with the wine or beer you bring! 😀

    • Hate to miss both the Art Opening and J’s party but I’ll be at Glee 3D with a bunch of teen girls. Yo!

    • Come on out if you can…I’m not too far from Crossfit Rx! Hope everybody kicked arse on today’s WOD!!! 😀

  6. Made myself go rx on this one….even though I didn’t want to…I had actually pulled out the 12 lb ball and the 44 lb KB…but I didn’t use them!

    19:27 rx

    I am actually very happy because I think only 3 or 4 of my WB were not high enough (compared to most of them a couple of months ago). And I don’t think I have ever done 45 KBS with the 55 KB 🙂

    • Way to push yourself. No going back now!!

    • Awesome!! No one can ever say you wimped out!

  7. Took an extra rest day because of neck/trap pain. Made up Wednesday’s 5×3 PC @ 87. Then 13:08 RX for today’s metcon. Unbroken Wallballs helped. Nice break in the weather this morning!

  8. Liked this one – but man it was hot. 13:36 RX. Unbroken wall balls and round of 9 KBS. Only broke 21 and 15 KBS once.

  9. 14:15
    35# KB, 14# WB, subbed 100 15″ stepups for 800M Run

    Not feeling it today. Very tired, and I have a pain in my right elbow that I’ve been ignoring. So I went light on the KB, but turns out it was the WB’s that bothered the arm. And my heel is painful after yesterday’s box jumps.

  10. Whose art show is this? Looks cool.

    • It’s at the studio Reggie and I work out of. All you guys should come by. Some good Comic book Art. Starts at 7pm on Sat.

  11. 19:45

    44# kbs
    10# wb

    noon weather was pretty brutal. cool art flyer!

  12. 13 and change.

    I used to be able to manhandle the 2 pood enough to get it up, but could not for the life of me get the damn thing overhead today, so had to use the 55 lb one. : (

    20 lb wall ball.

  13. 17:28 RX (including answering the pager twice)
    Did KBS in 2 sets per round and WBS were 2-3 sets per round.

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