Wednesday, August 10, 2011

5 x 3 rep Power Clean @ 65%, rest 1 min. between sets


5 Rounds for time of:
5 Clean and Jerks (155/105)
10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Awesomeness personified.

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  1. What an athlete. Such great beauty and strength, talent and intellect.

    • I love Coach Demarco.

      • me too! More excited to work out now

  2. This picture inspires me!!

  3. first three days on in a long while… looking forward to tomorrow’s rest.

    115# on the power cleans, then 142# on the met/con which was heavy and took a while. Still don’t really have a jerk movement that works, but the cleans were feeling good.

  4. I have pain in my left shoulder after Monday’s WOD. I’m not sure if it is good sore pain or bad pain like this spring but since it is only on one side I went overhead-free today.
    77# (~70%) for power cleans–maybe a little light
    then used 77# for sqt cleans for met/con of 5 sqt clean 20 sqts x 5 rds–~9min.
    Kudos to Erin for going RX this AM!!

    • I thought the 5×3 power cleans were prescribed at 65% according to the blog post so you did not go light. Hope the shoulder is ok.

  5. I used 77# for the power cleans.

    I used 87# for the metcon

  6. 87lb 3×5 cleans
    13.09 Rx+ (109lb) — another airhead moment! Thought Rx was 110lb…Meeks said something about “4lb” but it didn’t click until I got home)
    Great group at 8.30! Good form, strong lifts!! Very impressive!!

  7. made it to my first 8:30am class and it was pretty awesome after i finally woke up after the power cleans.

    60# power cleans

    70# clean & jerk-heaviest i’ve done in a work out and it felt good 🙂
    red band for c2b


  8. Gorgeous picture.

  9. Ran a couple of miles this morning and joined the 8:30 class for the metcon only (thanks Erin!). Did clean and jerks @ 65# and red band for CTB pullups. Should definitely have gone heavier and less band. Time: 9:31

  10. 53# for 5×3 cleans

    63# and bands for metcon: 16:43

    In other news, Pat and I got our first pull ups today!! Booyah! 😀

    I had trouble believing it was true, but Kelly and Bryan said I made it over the bar twice! Had to throw in an extra kip to get up there. Now I just have to do it again. And again. And … Ack!

    p.s. to Paige: NINE THIRTY-ONE??? Holy cow.

    • Yahoooo Terri and Pat! This is so exciting! A pullup is cause for serious celebration, I should say. Forget should–I DO say it. So celebrate! (With a small glass of dry red wine, of course.)

    • It is a historic day to be sure. So proud of you ladies and I am glad I was there to see it.

    • Congrats! That’s super exciting!

    • Hoorah!! That rocks!

    • Congrats Pat and Terri!

    • AWESOME!!! 🙂 congrats to both!

    • SO Awesome! Well done you two!! 🙂

    • Pull ups!! Yay!

    • YAY!!! Congrats you two!!!!

  11. Power Cleans, 5×3 @ 92# (~65%)

    105# Power Cleans
    My blue band for pullups

    • So excited about your FIRST PULLUP! Congrats to you and Terri!

  12. Power cleans @ 88 lbs (too light)

    115 lbs for clean & jerk. Could maybe have done a little more weight, but still going easy on the overhead movements for now.


  13. Power cleans @ 142

    Metcon – RX at 12:57. Will and Andrew were there to push me and appreciate it.

  14. Tempo run: 30 minutes. 3.4 miles total -8:49 pace. Goal was to keep a consistent pace throughout the run despite elevation changes and fatigue. I ran out and back and both legs were exactly 15 minutes, so I think I did that! Felt really good and didn’t feel I was pushing very hard, even though it was a faster pace than the 5K I ran last week.

    After 30 minute rest, did:

    Accumulate 20 bodyweight back squats:Sets of 3/3/2/2/2/2/2/2/2 @ 140 First 2 sets of 3 weren’t quite low enough. Then did 2 at a time and got good depth.

    4 sets of 5 front squats:
    set 1 @ 110# = couldn’t get myself to do these “zombie style” – it was too weird to let the bar go, so I held on lightly. Then I dropped the weight
    set 2 @88# =Did zombie style – very weird but it sure made me keep my chest up!
    sets 3-4 : Used crossed arms instead of zombie

    88# is a little light in general, but it was much harder for me not using my hands. Guess that means I rely on my hands way too much for front squats.

    • that was very long. And not even half of what Michael wants me to record! M, you’ll get the rest via email

  15. Congrats on the pull-ups Pat and Terri!!!!!!!!
    Awesome, strong ladies!

  16. A pix of my favorite coach, two great ladies killing pull ups, Trish came to the 6pm, and a great work out! The perfect WOD!!

  17. 5×3 cleans at 57#

    metcon: 68# cleans (first few were heavier and I had to drop)
    CTBs with new red and my tiny red

  18. since this is a shoulder free week for me, I did “Michael.”
    800m run
    50 back extensions
    50 situps (modified to abmat)

    time: 30:??
    Not feeling so great about the time, but it was good to work on my endurance in running.

    Thanks for the alt. workout Kelly!

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