Monday, August 8, 2011

10 minutes to establish a 3rm Weighted Dip


21-15-9 reps of:
Handstand Push Ups
Ring Dips
Push Ups

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  1. That was wicked fun!

    Old red, loosely held, for dip practice. Old red, TIGHTLY HELD, for workout. Pikes, regular push ups, slowly done. Yelling and swearing and sweating.


  2. Great to see such a big morning crowd!
    20:35: the HSPU slowed me down as I got tired and they went to 1-2 at a time (green/blue)

  3. 66 lbs for the weighted dips before we maxed our time.

    21:4xx for the wod. HSPU banded and then GHD assisted. All dips rx except the final 8 w white band.

    Great to be working put w Mike and Miguel again.

  4. Ran out of time before maxing out on weighted dips. Got up to 56 lbs.

    Started HSPUs unassisted but had to finish last round with band. A little demoralizing but I just wasn’t going to finish otherwise. Shoulders were shot.

    29 something.

  5. 3 RM weighted ring dip: 71#


    11:32 (Rx) PR of 2 minutes and change

  6. 3 rm weighted dip – 7.5 lbs (got two with 10 lbs – lol)

    For “JT” I used the blue and the Joy’s tiny red band for HSPU
    Unassisted dips for the 21 and 9 of 15 after than my arms were shot!


  7. Anyone interested?

    Unfortunately, there is no team event at this one…but there IS a Master’s Division!!

    • I saw this and wish I’d known earlier. Unfortunately the Masters will have the exact WODs as RX with same loads and same movements. Boo! There is a scaled div though. In fact there’s even a beginner div for the newbs.

      • Looks like there is only 3 Master’s women so far though 🙂

    • maybe since they have a beginners/scaled division 🙂

  8. What Terri said re: weighted and regular dips.

    Did strict presses for the HSPUs. Started with 53# but couldn’t get past 13, had to drop to 45#. At least I felt like they were work comparable to HSPUs.

    Time: 20:17?

  9. 3 unassisted ring dips (PR)


    HSPU: started with red/tiny tan for 18 then switched to black/tan through 8 on second round…then scaled to GHD for the rest

    Ring dips: tiny tan

    • Congrats on those unassisted dips!!

  10. Tried/failed dips with teeny orange. Successful with my tiny red x 3 with no problem.

    JT was fast with the new bands – used black & new lavender for HSPUs and new tiny blue then added my tiny red for dips. 13:39
    (Last year was 22:39 but today’s bands may have been slightly more assistance.)

  11. DIPS 3 RM #40

    19:50 JT – Red Band Dips – Hurt

  12. Weighted 3rep dip @ 30lb
    Got half way through this WOD Rx when my neck started to ache. Stopped and did leg work at that point. Totally don’t want another crick in my neck!!

  13. Started my dips on a green band, then went to the black and the new blue. Got 3 on those.

    Pike from a big black box
    Green band for ring dips
    old red band for plank push ups


  14. Made this up on Saturday, 8/13
    18:35 with the following mods
    -Pike pushups with toes on 15″ box; head to 1 abmat/5kg plate for round 21. Head to 2 abmats for r15 and r9
    -new red band for dips

    Pushups were hand release style.

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